Intel Boasts That Haswell Can Increase Laptop Battery Life by 50 Percent


Intel’s claim is bigger than most people think, because it really should come with ramifications if it’s not true. Intel’s word is that their new Haswell chip that succeeds the current Ivy Bridge will boost the battery life of laptops by a full 50 percent, no holds barred. Intel’s Architecture Group VP Rani Borkar is on the record for making said statement, and goes on further to state that the battery life increase will have no affect on performance, either.

Of course, real-world testing will be validates the impending fact, but if it is true, then laptops will finally all have the battery life they’ve needed.

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Lego Masters Build A 5 Million Brick X-Wing Fighter On Display In Times Square

The Giant X-Wing Of 2013It only took 32 master builders, 5,335,200-bricks, 17,000 hours, and lots of planning to bring a 1:1 ratio, full scale X-Wing fighter from the Star Wars universe, then transfer it to Time Square for a three-day public exhibit. As a result, it’s the world’s largest Lego model weighs a massive 45, 979.61 pounds (this weight includes some supporting steel infrastructure, interestingly). Its dimensions are 11 feet high, 43 feet long, and has a wingspan of 44 feet — if there was ever a real X-Wing fighter, this must be the closet thing there is. To add to the grandeur, it’s actually quite a beautiful construction.

And for those of you concerned as to whether or not it will be disassembled, worry not: after the exhibit in Times Square, the giant X-Win fighter will find a new home in the LEGOLAND California Resort.


New Notifications System Debuts In Google Chrome Beta Release

Chrome OS Notifications

All part of Google’s advancement to bigger and better things in Google Chrome, a new Beta channel release has gone live today, enabled richer notifications in both Chrome for laptops (the browser equivalent) and Chrome OS, on laptops like the Chromebook Pixel. The range of notifications include reminders, emails, Google+, and just about anything else that developers are willing to support.

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HTC One Achieves “Around 5 Million” Units Sold, Supply Less Than Demand

THE HTC ONEDespite the internal struggle drawing fears that HTC is falling apart, recently announced sales figures for the HTC One handset deem otherwise. The HTC One, in an interview with an unnamed executive from HTC, has sold “around 5 million” units since launch, mainly since “orders are pretty good so far and are still more than what we can supply.”

Component shortages are what suddenly delayed the HTC One’s launch by a full month, so it makes sense to think that it is an actual problem, and not just a way of saving face.

While it’s nothing close to Samsung’s 10 million shipped/sold figure for the Galaxy S 4, next month’s rankings may prove better for HTC, but in order to pull through, they will need green across the board.

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MSi Debuts Their Next-Gen Gaming Laptop, The GT70 Dragon Edition 2


FInally, some next-gen graphics and names (does anyone care about the names part?). Right before the Computex expo in Taiwan, MSi took the wraps off its next-gen gaming laptop, the GT70 Dragon Edition 2. Complete with a new Haswell chip and an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780M graphics card, you’ll most likely reach scores from 3DMark Vantage at around 36,000 — equivalent to an Ivy Bridge Core i5 and GTX 670 on a desktop. SteelSeries-branded keyboard, multiple SSDs in RAID 0 formation, and three video outputs, all contained in the 21.8mm-thick package that weighs hefty 2.9kg (6.4 pounds).

This is some serious power, courtesy of MSi.


Samsung Galaxy S 4 Review: So Many Features (Sometimes) Hurts

Samsung Galaxy S4 ReviewIt’s been a few weeks since the general availability of the Galaxy S 4 from Samsung. Despite not even having a complete launch (Verizon is absent from the Sprint, AT&T, and T-Mobile launch until the end of the month), nearly 10 million units have been shipped worldwide. Aesthetically, the Galaxy S 4 has barely changed from the previous model — a few changes here and there — but the real change comes from the internals, plus a completely revamped Touchwiz UI for Android Jelly Bean.

It’s time to cut to the chase, and see if Samsung has another winner in the Galaxy S 4. Go on past the break and find out!

Twitter (Finally) Adds Two-Factor Verification Via SMS

account-security-croppedWhat’s been a gaping hole in Twitter’s feature-set? Two-step verification. Logging in from the browser on will now allow you to choose between normal verification and the new two-step verification method, which will send a six-digit code via SMS that works alongside your existing password and username. For applications that rely on your log-in, they should remain unaffected, but the option to generate a temporary password is also an option.

The feature is currently rolling out to users in the next few days and weeks.

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Microsoft Announces The Xbox One, New Controller, And Kinect

xbox-one-xlBig news, straight out of Redmond. The Xbox One is the new gaming console from Microsoft. Boasting an octa-core processor based on AMD’s Jaguar design and 8GB of RAM to go up against the Sony PlayStation 4, plus USB 3.0 ports, 500GB of hard drive storage, WiFi Direct, and 5 billion transistors for calculations — it’s a beast. 7.1 surround sound, 1080p and 4k video resolutions are supported, along with 8GB of DDR3 RAM, a 500GB hard drive, a Blu-ray / DVD, HDMI 1.4 out and USB 3.0 ports.

Microsoft’s new 1080p HD Kinect is bundled with the new Xbox One, which now contains 250,000-pixels in an infrared depth sensor as well as a regular 720p web cam.

The controller itself has also been redesigned, with a completely new design, more responsiveness and comfort, with a design to match the edginess of the Xbox One’s own casing, which also is squared off, with fans that are now designed to be extremely quiet, despite the octa-core processor hammering away.

As for software, the Xbox One uses three operating systems, simultaneously  the Xbox OS, what most users are accustomed to and that developers will use to code their games, a main system OS that allows for navigation between apps on the system, and a new version of Windows 8, designed as Windows for Xbox, which will technically turn the Xbox One into a full home entertainment system. Each OS can be updated independently, so that developers won’t have to worry about constantly getting their apps working on the next version.

On top of that, support for used games, and the ability to be used offline, without a constant internet connection rounds off the feature-set. However, to add to all that, Microsoft has included several other convenient features, like game recording and sharing in Xbox Live, a new cap of 1,000 friends, and Blu-Ray game discs only being used for initial installation; not for every time you want to play, and if accessed from another account, a fee must by paid.

Xbox On is the primary new feature of the Xbox One — instant switching from live TV to gaming; rather saying “Xbox On”, will turn on the console, so technically it is always listening. New games announced for the Xbox One include Call of Duty: Ghosts, Fifa 14, Forza Motorsport 5 and Madden NFL 25,

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