Samsung Knocks Out New Series 7 Ultra Laptop With Sweet Design

series-7-ultra-620-wideSamsung does have a knack for creating interesting designs, and the Series 7 Ultra is no exception. This ultrabook, announced before the big CES (Consumer Electronics Show) on the 8th of January, will come in two versions: one touchscreen, one without. However in the variants there different processors (Intel Core i5 or i7) and different storage capacities (128GB or 256GB), but always with Windows 8 included. Whichever configuration you choose, though, you’ll get a 350-nit, 1080p display, up to 16GB of RAM (whoa!), a backlit keyboard, JBL speakers and a 1GB AMD HD8570M GPU. Other specs include three USB ports (two 2.0, one 3.0), HDMI, Ethernet, mini-VGA, a memory card reader and a battery rated for up to eight hours (probably that’s the non-touch model).

Samsung has another laptop in the work called the Chronos. Apparently this is supposed to be their showstopper and they’re not really talking about it until the show, instead teasing it has very high-end specs and a slim, modern design. Looks like we’ll be waiting on it.


Check It Out: Google’s New Lexus Self-Driving Car In California

We’ve been used to seeing Google’s self-driving cars which were approved by California state, but they usually were Toyota Prius variants, which aren’t amazingly cool cars. But Google seems to have taken a step up the ladder, using a Lexus Self-Driving car instead, as spotted by web entrepreuner Stephen Ou on his way back from Apple HQ. Interesting, no doubt. [Thanks, Stephen!]


Google’s Eric Schmidt Checking-In To North Korea

Gangam StyleKim Jung-Un has never had something like this happen before: first he launches a successful-ish rocket and enters the 20th century. Now, Google’s Eric Schmidt is paying his impoverished kingdom a visit to talk — about something that hasn’t been disclosed. Keep in mind that most of North Korea is dirt poor, has not heard of the Internet, and doesn’t have the infrastructure to support it.

The AP reports Schmidt’s visit will take place “as early as this month,” and that former Governor (and experienced North Korea negotiator) Bill Richardson will escort the Schmidt. The purpose of the trip? Unknown. However, it’s safe to say to go with the vague assumption that it’s for talks and business:

It was not immediately clear who Schmidt and Richardson expect to meet in North Korea, a country that does not have diplomatic relations with the United States. North Korea has almost no business with companies in the U.S., which has banned the import of North Korean-made goods.

This should be interesting. Via: AP

Eye-Control Any Windows 8 Computer With Tobii Rex

originalWith $21 million in funding from Intel, several prototypes, and lots of testing, the Tobii Rex is a stick-like device that once attached to your computer is no larger than the size of a pen, can let you control it using just your eyes. It connects via USB and works via the Gaze UI. That software lets users navigate, zoom, select and scroll using their eyes alone — in Windows 8, it proves to be a recipe for success. The initial consumer unit run will be just about 5,000 units before the end of 2013, but alongside that is a developer edition that comes with a laptop (seen above) costs $1,000. No word yet on the price of the consumer edition, but hopefully we’ll all know about it soon.

Via: Engadget

Astronauts In Deep Space May Experience Accelerated Alzheimer’s

121231-space-cosmicray-420p.grid-6x2This is full of chiz. In the hopes of getting man on Mars, a study published yesterday suggests that extended exposure to specific kind of radiation found in space can accelerate the development of Alzheimer’s disease, which isn’t good for humans, obviously. The study examined that galactic cosmic radiation consisting of iron particles, which are said to permeate space at high speeds due to the force of exploding stars, are harmless to those on Earth, but in deep space only the spacecraft will stand between astronauts and the radiation.

The study’s author Kerry O’Banion says that the iron particles have no trouble punching through a ship’s hull, adding that it would require a “six-foot block of lead or concrete” — just to stop them. The study was researched for eight years, under the funding of NASA made several other tests of the same nature, but with mice. It was noted that humans could have a chance, since “the body might adapt to small chronic dosing.”

Regardless, this is another hurdle for NASA.

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Apple Store In Paris Breached On New Year’s Eve Robbery

opera_heroMasked, armed with pistols, and with an excellent  (and nefarious) plan, thieves were able to raid Apple’s Paris Opera Store, near the Galeries Lafayette department store, at about 9PM local time — three hours after the store closed for the last day of 2012. By 9:40, they had “lightly injured” the janitor and escaped into the many backstreets of the city with a van.

The Parisian Apple Store hasn’t fully finished calculating how much merchandise was lost, but initial calculations point to €1 million (about $1.32 million) worth of Apple gear.


Via: The Telegraph

Samsung’s Galaxy Note II Sales Pass 1M In Korea, Could Hit 10M Everywhere

DSC_0088If you’re into the extra-large 5″ smartphone industry, then it’s high-time that you know Samsung’s Galaxy Note II has been a major success, selling 1 million units in South Korea, nearly 4-5 months after launch, a feat which took its predecessor over a year to accomplish. Current observations pin the Note II to reach 10 million units globally by the first quarter of 2013.

Things are looking good on Samsung’s end, obviously.

Via: Unwired View 

Ubuntu Touch-Based OS Teaser Is All About January 2nd Launch

ubuntuteaserUbuntu’s home page is bragging that their teaser is, “So close, you can almost touch it”. That must be a touch-supported Linux Ubuntu operating system we’re talking about here, pre-CES. While it’s still counting down to its launch at 8AM ET on Wednesday, January 2nd the next pinnacle version of Ubuntu is planned;14.04 LTS not set to launch until April 2014 at the earliest, so this announcement is probably only a small piece of the equation.

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