Samsung Takes The Wraps Off Galaxy S 4 Mini With A 4.3″ Display

s4-miniSurprise! It’s not that exciting, is it? Considering that it may never make its way to the United States on a major carrier, going over the baseline specs is really all that’s required. To make it plucky, Samsung placed Android 4.2.2 and features a 4.3-inch qHD Super AMOLED display, a 1.7GHz dual-core processor (possibly a Snapdragon 400), and 1.5GB RAM. There’s also 8GB of internal storage, an 8-megapixel rear-facing and 2.1-megapixel front-facing camera, all of which totals a weight of 107 grams.

All the other Touchwiz software features are also present, and while no pricing it release details are available, it will be displayed at the upcoming major Samsung event in London.

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Motorola Is Officially Prepping A Phone They Call The Moto X

motorolaxt912aMotorola CEO Dennis Woodside confirmed it in his interview at the D11 conference that Motorola will continue to exist as an actual company that has a purpose after being purchased by Google. This also meaning that they will create a new smartphone called the Moto X, and it will be their flagship device, completely assembled in the United States. However, it will be only be part of a “handful” of devices before October.

As for the Moto X’s hero feature? It will be “contextually aware”, meaning that the phone will know when it’s inside a pocket and when it’s taken out, when it’s inside a car and so forth — knowing what you will do before you do it may assist its more advanced feature.


To Be Quite Clean, The Gmail Inbox Gets Revamped On Desktop And Mobile


In order to maintain utmost cleanliness with Gmail, Google has taken the initiative to make crucial edits to the hit email service, on both desktops and mobile devices. Starting with design, the new Gmail interface is cleaner, sharper, and faster. Email on desktop will be categorized into different types via tabs, while the same system can be used on mobile devices, like on iOS and Android, where the same feature will be in a slide-out pane. Besides this, other little tweaks and fixes will be part of the update, which will be released on the iOS and Android apps in the coming weeks,with the update being rolled-out across desktops during the same time frame.

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And There It Is: The Start Button Is In A Leaked Screenshot Of Windows 8.1

windows8-start-buttonThe much-desired Windows Start button is making a return from Windows 7,making the jump from Windows 8 and finally reappearing in Windows 8.1, an update planned for later this year. The Windows 8.1 update, which will be free for all current Windows 8 users, will bring a ton of typical improvements seen in an incremental update, but in this case a major feature — the Start button — will come back. While it won’t be its tried-and-true self (it still only takes you the Windows Tile Start screen) it at least is there for a sort of visual aid/confidence.

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Verizon Adds The Galaxy S 4 To Their New AWS LTE Spectrum

The Galaxy S 4Recently, Verizon has been working on its AWS spectrum — basically high-capacity 4G LTE. Since the Samsung Galaxy S 4 is brimming with new radio technology, it will be the first device to support the new network, which will be rolling out in the new few months. All GS4 users on the Big Red carrier will have to do is wait for a software update that will be pushed to their devices. Surely, the best phone Samsung has produced won’t be the only AWS smartphone in existence; other manufacturers will being incorporating it into their phones, like with the Lumia 928 by Nokia that just debuted on the network.

Via:  Bloomberg

The White Nexus 4 Is Coming, But LG Won’t Make More Nexus Phones

nexus4-white-officialAfter confirming the existence of the white Nexus 4 from leaked shots for many, many months now, it was only the question of when LG would step up and actually release the white variant of the famous black device. Turns out, LG will release a white Nexus 4 — and it will be the last Nexus phone that they’ll ever make, despite the fact that it actually increased their market share by quite a bit, according to LG Mobile’s European VP, Kim Wong.

He even went on further, saying that the Nexus 4 “no added value for us without our own skins.” Still speaking of the subject, Wong continued:”the current duopoly of Google and Apple is not healthy for the market”, so the exclusion of LG from said companies as much as possible is at least in some form, healthy for the company itself. The new white Nexus 4 will release on May 29th in Hong Kong, just one day before LG’s Optimus G Pro launch event at Macau, which is nearby. A U.S. and European launch are scheduled “in the next several weeks”.


Samsung Will Unveil New ATIV Laptops And Android Devices On June 20th, In London

Samsung_Premiere_2013_GALAXY_ATIVCome June 20th in London, members of the media will be graced to new Samsung products. What’s so special this time? Well, it’s the first time Samsung has held a press event since renaming their devices: ATIV stands for all their Windows Phones, Windows RT for all tablets, and Windows 8 laptops or hybrids. To add some zing to the party, Android devices will also be announced, most likely the Galaxy S 4 Mini, and not a Galaxy Note 3.

The event is called “Samsung Premiere 2013,” and will start off at 2PM ET (7PM BST) on June 20th. Per usual, Samsung will be livestreaming the entire gig on its YouTube channel. Looks like June will bring technology news into an exciting season.

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This Time, Nest For Google Glass Would Control Your Home’s Temperature

glassware-nestAnother awesome Google Glass app (Glassware, as Google would put it) has been synthesized. Nest for Google Glass, created by James Rundquist would allow users to announce that they’re coming home (or heading outside) to make their Nest units change the climate of their home, or make an exact goal for the temperature by changing it. The app is both unofficial and not fully developed, but as with most Glassware concept apps, their source code is publicly available to allow for continued development.

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