Sony’s New VAIO Laptops: The VAIO Pro 11 And 13 Ultrabooks, Plus Duo 13 Hybrid

VAIO Duo 13This one has had me itching, just to talk about it, and finally, here goes: Sony has three new laptops straight out of Computex 2013. First off, the Ultrabooks. Sony calls the VAIO pro 11 “the lightest 11.6-inch ultrabook”, weighing in at 1.92 lbs. then goes on to say the exact same, but for the 13.3-inch model that weighs 2.34 lbs. Both laptops sport 1920 x 1080p HD displays, called Triluminous displays, noted for their intense color qualities and contrasts.

Battery life for the Pro 11 is rated at 14 hours and life for he Pro 13 is rated at 13 hours (ironically). Going for exclusive features, the VAIO Pro 13 comes with a high speed PCIe SSD drive, which gives it a speed boost against other similar SSD designs. Both come with a range of Sony apps that assist with creation and also come with ClearAudio+ technology, which is supposed to enhance audio.

The Vaio Duo 13 hybrid computer also runs Windows 8, but sports a slightly different set of user inputs. It weighs 2.93 lbs., is incased in carbon fiber, sports NFC, Haswell processors, a variety of Sony apps for videos and photos, plus an 8 megapixel rear-facing camera. Sony is also boasting that its hinge design allows for easy transition between normal laptop and tablet modes, through simple sliding of the screen.

Of course, the most important spec in this day in age is really the processor, and all of the new VAIO PCs have fourth-generation Intel Haswell chips, the Pro 11 and Pro 13 supporting up to a Core i7. The VAIO Pro 11 will retail for $1149 and the Pro 13 for $1249 — both come in Carbon Black or or Carbon Silver. Meanwhile, the VAIO Duo 13 will go for $1399, in the same colors.

Hopefully Sony’s summer catalog of VAIO PCs will be just as exciting as they might be on paper. Otherwise, we have another set of refreshed laptops, rather than new exciting innovations, something Sony is well-versed in. It’s really hard not to be interested in these laptops.

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Google Glass Gets Updated With HDR Shooting, Plus Captions

Project GlassReady for the monthly Google Glass Explorer Edition update? Prototype users of the device in the United States will see a new update being pushed to their Glass unit, adding HDR shooting for the camera, equaling much better photographs, especially for low-light scenarios. Also added to the feature list is to add a caption after you’ve taken a picture. Users can tap their headset, speak the caption and it’s automatically inserted into the image.

Progress is always good, especially for Glass.

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EVE Online: Odyssey Is Coming To Life, Filled With Exploration

NewSpacescapeHeaderSo, this is EVE Odyssey. It is a an update coming for all video game players of EVE Online, a popular massive multiplayer online game based around starships, trade, conquest, control, war, and exploration. In the Odyssey update, players will — well, according to the CCP developer team, here’s what players would have access to:

“Discover the new challenges hidden among over 7,000 star systems with the new scanner overlay and improved probing controls. Get sucked in by the enhanced sound effects, updated visuals and exciting warp transitions as you travel the stars in search of fame and fortune.”

Looks like a nice update. It’s definitely worth taking a look into, considering that all new players are given a 14-day trail before a subscription is needed. Trailer after the break.

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HTC’s COO, Matthew Costollo, Has Now Departed From His Post

THE HTC ONEIn what is a never-ending death spiral for HTC, the Chief Operating Officer, Matthew Costello, will depart after three years on the job, according to a report from Bloomberg. He joins the ranks of HTC Asia CEO Lennard Hoornik, and numerous designers and engineers. Most likely the decaying status of HTC can be attributed to the recent  low  quarterly profits, but ironically employees are leaving the company as things have stated to pick up: $970 million was generated in May revenue, nearly double the previous month.

For now, it’s entirely up to the HTC One flagship smartphone to rake in major profits — maybe even save the company?

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Qualcomm Has A New Low-End Mobile Processor: The Snapdragon 400

qualcommQualcomm has been making great strides with the Snapdragon 600 and 800 processors for the best smartphones in the industry. But to make ends meet, Qualcomm has a quad-core edition of the Snapdragon 400, working in tandem with 3G and LTE built-in. A1.2GHz, Cortex-A7  handle 42Mbps HSPA+ and China-friendly TD-SCDMA, plus 802.11ac WiFi. To complete the transition, QUalcomm also has new reference tablet designs that are in 7-inch and 10-inch variants, targeted for developing markets.

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The Redesigned Gmail For Android App Is Now Rolling Out, Slowly


Google has another rolling app update available: Gmail for Android. it features the new inbox interface recently activated on desktops, and also sports overall interface redesigns, including pull down to refresh, a left-side sidebar that offers navigation between different folders, and an even stronger interface designed to work around Android 4.0 and up. The update is planned to roll out over the next few weeks on the Play Store, buy .APK files of the app can also be downloaded and installed on the device, at the user’s own consent.

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Vine Arrives For Android On The Play Store, Starting Today

VineAndroidFinally, Twitter has released the Vine app for Android. The social networking service spin-off from Twitter is gaining popularity among users an companies, for its simple sharing of 5 second video clips. The app supports all Android 4.0 devices and up. Twitter will also bring the app up to the speed of the iOS version, introducing hashtags, mentions, search, Facebook sharing and the ever-important use of a front-facing camera for frontal shots. Vine is now available on the Google Play Store, for free.

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Oh, Cute: Acer Outs A Small Windows 8 Tablet

Acer_Iconia W3_landscape-580-75The Acer Iconia W3 is its name. It’s the first small Windows 8 tablet. A screen size of 8.1″, the tablet is 11.3mm thick, with a dual-core Intel Atom Z2760 clocked at 1.8GHz inside.  The screen is 1280 x 800 resolution, with dual front and rear 2-Megapixel cameras and Microsoft Office Home & Student 2013 pre-installed. Only pricing in the UK has been confirmed so far, at £280 for a model with 32GB of onboard storage and £320 odd for a 64GB machine.

Also, as a note, Acer updated its S7 and S3 portables to wield Intel’s new Haswell chipset range, with the 13.3″ S7 also upgraded to feature a 2560 x 1440 touchscreen. Not bad.

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