SteelSeries Apex M800 Keyboard Review: Once A Rainbow, Always A Rainbow

20150917_171641In July of yesteryear, I took a look at what was SteelSeries’ best gaming keyboard offering: the Apex. An excellent choice of backlit colors, but with too many cramped keys and lackluster actuation between those keys, it was fraught with disappointment. This year however, the Danish gaming peripheral maker has stepped forward with the Apex M800.

Through and through, it’s a mechanical keyboard, with the company’s own style of mechanical switches, complete with individual key lighting and a dual-processor setup  that allows for some very cool effects, macros, and dual USB 2.0 ports.

But, is a high asking price — even among the world of backlit, mechanical keyboards — worth the temporary pain, with the promise of comfort afterwards? It’s time to critique.

Master & Dynamic Has Engineered The ME05 Earphones, Milled From Brass

ME05_black_onsideHand-finished and machined from solid brass, Master & Dynamic is at another attempt to continue making a name for itself in the headphones and earphones industry. The sound delivered from their products is fantastic, as I’ve said once before (twice, actually). However, this time there’s a different aesthetic going on here: the use of brass. Utilizing the unique sonic qualities that brass has, M&D can create warm, sounds using the 8mm titanium-coated dynamic drivers, along with balanced weight distribution so that the ME05 doesn’t fall out of your ear.

Asking price? $199.

Via: M&D

Apple Releases iOS 9, The World Begins Downloading It With Gusto

ios9Today, iOS 9 debuts on the millions of devices that make use of it — namely, iPhones, iPads and iPod touches.Some of the major new features include the improved Siri, split-screen multitasking on the iPad, enhanced keyboards, updates to Safari, picture-in-picture operation, the new Live Photos feature, transit info in  Apple Maps, the News app, battery saving mode and much, much more.

Per usual, it’s free, but as Apple’s servers get slammed by the sudden demand of the update, some are reporting issues downloading and/or installing it.

Patience, folks.

Via: Apple

Ducati Outs The (Beautiful) Monster 1200 R Street Bike

ducati-monster-1200-r-1Essentially, this is supposed to be the best of track performance with everyday practicality. The Monster series from Ducati has a reputation for being capable of those two aforementioned traits — to a degree — but now Ducati wants to blur the lines further, with the new Monster 1200 R.

In doing so, I’ve another goal to aspire to in its completion: acquiring said motorcycle.

Its heart is a 1200 cc Testastretta twin-cylinder engine, producing 160hp. In regards to the chassis and overall design, the seat, tailpiece, and stance have all been redesigned, with new instrument cluster display, passenger and rider foot peg, along with three riding modes.

Oh, and it comes in two colors: red or black.

Via: Ducati

Sennheiser Momentum 2 Wired Review: Easy, Breezy, Beautiful

20150913_154521Back in February, I took an extended look at the Momentum 2 Wireless, which at the time, was the wireless headphone of choice for its incredible sound range, battery life, aesthetic beauty and overall splendor. Then, the defect run came a few weeks after, which unfortunately affected the Momentum’s ability to keep a paired connection in urban areas, or anywhere with some frequency interference — a major inconvenience for me, living in NYC.

Despite the design issue being resolved by this point, I still had to review the wire-only version — for testing purposes, obviously.

Microsoft Is Bringing New Windows 10 Devices For Oct 6 Media Event In NYC

CaptureWhile it might have been more appropriate to bring the event to the 10th of October (10/10, get it?), Microsoft opted for an October 6 press event in New York City, at 10 AM, where new Windows 10 devices will be announced. Inevitably, one of those devices will be the next generation of the Surface platform, but lest we not forget the Hololens, Xbox, Surface Hub for work team interactions and of course the (shaky) Lumia smartphone line.

Until then, info on the new crop of Microsoft’s Windows 10 devices are up to leaks and speculation.

Android Pay Rolled Out To A Million Locations This Week

paycollageEver heard of Android Pay? Well, you should; it’s a spin-off from the Google Wallet app, to make mobile payments via phone and smartwatch easier, and finally put Google in viable form to compete with Apple Pay. Currently, Android Pay works with all NFC-enabled Android devices (KitKat 4.4+), on any mobile carrier, at every tap and pay ready location across the US.

Android Pay will support American Express, Discover, MasterCard and Visa. Banks supported include American Express, Bank of America, Discover, Navy Federal Credit Union, PNC, Regions Bank, USAA, and U.S. Bank. Wells Fargo will be added i n the coming days, while Capital One and Citi are coming some time thereafter — no word on Chase bank, yet.

Also coming soon: in-app payments.

Via: Official Android Blog, Android Pay

Luggage, A Duffle Bag And Sheets: Testing Some Top Notch Gear For College

20150905_144943Having only recently moved the Manhattan School of Music dorms in Morningside Heights — as an NYIT freshman — I found myself having an easy transition to dorm life, thanks to the variety of gear that I had on standby. Let’s not get started on the hassle that is main computer setup cables and clothing when moving to a new place for an academic year.

Being that this is a roundup review of sorts, I’ll be addressing each product as its own category, and going through mostly what it’s like to use as well as some of the aesthetic qualities and whether or not I think it’s a worthy buy.

After all, in college every micro penny counts.