Google Glass Will Have Gmail, Path, And New York Times Apps

Google-Project-GlassGoogle has been fleshing out the Project Glass hardware at SXSW today. Bringing Google Glass to SXSW meant more than just bringing in the hardware: new features. First of all, by tilting your head a certain way, you’ll get breaking news headlines from the New York Times, or have Google Glass just read the headlines to you. The Google Glass Path app allows for pictures to be uploaded to the social network, and users to be alerted with notifications from Path regarding their images.

As for Gmail? That’s covered. You can see the email sender’s photo and the subject, while responding by dictation. One con? Google Glass will not have any streaming of video, unless it’s in Google+. A sweet little video of how it all works is after the break.

BlackBerry Z10: $200 On AT&T, March 22nd, And 4G LTE

AT&T has announced the dates and prices for the BlackBerry Z10. Starting March 12th, customers will be able to pre-order the Z10 for $199.99 on a 2-year contract, with an official release across all AT&T assets on March 22nd. The Z10’s typical specs will be included, alongside 4G LTE. So, is anyone going to take the plunge? Quarterly results and plenty of tweets will inform us, later on of course.

BlackBerry Z10 AT&T

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Samsung Could Be Hiding (Or Not) The Galaxy S IV In A Case

gsivrumormondayWhen the Galaxy S III was announced, it was morphed to look like the previous model by enclosing it in a case similar to the predecessor. Now, a few days from the launch event, and where we see a phone that looks like new hardware, but is somewhat bulky, hinting to its hiding in a case, that oddly enough, looks like the Galaxy S III. This particular model also seems to be a dual-SIM version that would be used overseas, Android (4.2.1) with a 1080p display (no word on dimensions), 2GB of RAM and a 13-megapixel camera on the back, with the possibility of using a 5410 Samsung Exynos chip with quad-core processing power.

And then of course, everything I just typed out here could be proven false, and the above device could be the actual design of the real Galaxy S IV. Can March 14th get here any faster in New York?

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Brevity Review: Razer Megalodon — It Has The Right Bite


This is the Razer Megalodon gaming headset — named after the super shark that probably lived on Earth millions of years ago. Its main purpose is to deliver the best sound of your dying enemies in any PC game available — or if you’re not the killing type, the sorrowful sighs of all those you came beneath you. It’s quite simple at first glance: a USB connection (meaning that this headset is PC-only; no 3.5mm headset jack), its own sound processing board with controls, a microphone that can be bent to varying degrees, the Razer Maelstrom 7.1 surround  sound engine, to top it all off.

So, it’s named after a shark, is built for gaming, and has some decent looks, but is it really that straightforward when you start using it?

Newest ‘Star Trek’ Trailer Puts Captain Kirk At The Bridge

Star-Trek-Into-DarknessMore of Captain Kirk, you say? Don’t mind it at all, he’s just doing the usual things that makes his character a complete renegade. In the latest Star Trek: Into Darkness trailer, Kirk interacts with several of the movie’s main characters in different environments  — and don’t worry, people are jumping off of platforms, plus there’s some big fish. All that and more when the latest Star Trek hits theaters May 17th.

Trailer after the break.

Google Glass app will find friends based on what clothes they’re wearing

Google GlassWho cares about real-time data feeds, video and photo sharing, translation, weather, or reality technology? Not Duke University, where an app being developed for Google Glass, called InSight, will help you find friends in a crowd based on what clothes they’re wearing. The app would require friends to submit a general photo of themselves, and Google Glass would interpret the image as a spatiogram — identifying the colors, textures and patterns with which they’ve equipped themselves — then you’d find your friend.

Talk about having a computer strapped to your head — it’s a full-on tactical system.

ViaNew ScientistDuke University (PDF)

Facebook Unveils The New Newsfeed UX For Years To Come

Newsfeed on Facebook '13The Facebook Newsfeed was introduced in 2006 and hasn’t changed so much then, but in 2013, it was really time for a change. Enter the new Newsfeed UX, complete with larger, wider, crisper views of everything Facebook. In retrospect, Mark Zuckerberg says it’s like, “a newspaper.” Everything from apps, games, links, photos, albums, music, posts, and sharing have all been curved around the new design, so for example, a song being shared is a simple pop-up, while a photo is now a large, blown-out image in the middle of the Newsfeed (make sure you’re photos are worthy). There’s also lots of “chrome”, which consists of many attractive icons, navigation bars, scrolling, and speed, all of which is a unified experience on tablets, smartphones, and desktops. Announcement video after the break.

As with everything Facebook, you can either keeping refreshing until you find the new features, to get put on a waiting list to speed things up. Your call, friend.

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