Brevity Review: The G-Shock GA-300-1A Chronograph Series Watch

DSC_0011So, this is another G-Shock, in another brevity review (this one is awfully short, by the way). The GA-300-1A chronograph is mixed in with digital timekeeping into a large band and case that’s water resistant to 200M. It’s impervious to most magnets, can tell the local time, world time, stopwatch, date, day, is shock-resistant, alarm, has a pair of LEDs for looking at the time in low-light, a battery that lasts 3 years, and as a whole, weighs 71 grams. And to be quick about this, all of those feature work, flawlessly.

‘The Wolverine’ Full Trailer Debuts With Claw Warfare

The Wolverine, played by Hugh Jackman will be placed in another daring mission as part of a new full-length movie called, The Wolverine, which will continue the revitalization of the X-Men franchise that started with X-Men: First Class and all the success that followed that movie.

In the international trailer which can be viewed after the break, we see our claw-equipped superhero take on numerous villains  all the while facing personal conflicts and resolving them with slashes of Adamantium.

This Is What 17 Minutes Of Battlefield 4 Gameplay Looks Like

bf4It’s no surprise anymore: Battlefield 4 is coming in September of 2013 for the PS4, PS3, PC, Xbox 360, and next-gen Xbox for the usual pre-order amount of $60. To appease gamers (for now), Electronic Arts and DICE have created a whopping 17 minute video (just like they did with Battlefield 3) to show us what the campaign looks like, and how the game has changed.

Check out the full video, in all of its HD crispness, after the break!

T-Mobile Will Carry The iPhone 5 For $99 With LTE


T-Mobile is the last of the big four — Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint — to receive the iPhone 5 with LTE support. Besides supporting the new T-Mobile LTE network, which also has launched today, the iPhone 5 on T-Mobile sports a different plan than on the other carriers. Customers can either full price for the device at the time of purchase, or spread the cost over 20 months with installment plans. A 16GB iPhone 5 will sell for $99 up front starting April 12th, with 20 months of $20 payments, on top of the monthly service bill.

As a result, T-Mobile won’t be as aggressive with the transition of unlocked iPhone 5 units from AT&T. The advantage of having the iPhone on T-Mobile is the LTE network in the first 7 cities — Baltimore, Houston, Kansas City, Las Vegas, Phoenix, San Jose, and Washington DC — NYC will debut in the summer, with 4G HSPA+ speeds as the backup network, meaning you might not notice the speed difference, plus HD voice technology.

Press release after the break.

Now Windows 8’s Main Apps Are All A Lot Better

whatsnewMail, Calendar, Messaging, and People. The core apps of Windows 8 all have all been spruced up — spring cleaning, if you will. The updates are available to both Windows RT and Windows 8 Pro machines, alongside several other optimizations. Besides the speed boosts, refinement to the Calendar (with a facelift), additional organization and easier sending in Mail, enhanced details of contacts in People, and more information in Messaging, there’s hope that even better changes can be made in Windows Blue, the upcoming version.

Keep your eyes peeled for the update in the Windows Store, later today or tomorrow.

Via: Windows Blog

Brevity Review: Gunnar Optiks Vayper Glasses

Gunnar Vayper

It’s not the newest thing on the block, but it is to be thought of: Gunnars. They’re basically glasses for jocks (and geeks) that allow you to stare at a computer screen for many more hours than you normally could, without the strain, the migraine, or the possible damage done to the eyes since everyone is using a screen, all the time. Since I used to wear prescription glasses, I was omitted from the glorious world of Gunnars, but I’d review them anyway. Not once, but twice.

T-Mobile outs its new contract-free plans for all of its phones

tmobileAfter merging with Metro-PCS (not a reality until April, at least), the new T-Mobile has announced what was already expected, but not confirmed: the removal of contracts for all its high-end smartphones. Starting today, you can go online or in-store to snag yourself any one of T-Mobile’s smartphones, from the Nexus 4, the LG Optimus G, the Galaxy S3 — and soon, the Galaxy S4, HTC One, and BlackBerry Z10 with 4G HSPA+ service and in the coming weeks and months, 4G LTE.

Pricing plans range from $50 per month for 500MB of high-speed data (with overage-free throttled data after that), unlimited voice minutes, and unlimited texts; then unlimited data on the phone alone for $20 more, or up to 12GB of hotspot data through tiers of up to $110 a month. So, it’s all very awesome, and T-Mobile has a real winning shot with their “Uncarrier” plan.

Via: T-Mobile