Scientists At MIT Have Achieved Implementation Of False Memories In Mice

mice-memoriesWhile under the assumption that certain scientists at MIT enjoyed sci-fi films, came a discovery through experimentation, that is actually a breakthrough. By using mice as test subjects, the MIT scientists were able to abuse the special condition of false memory syndrome: in which the brain concocts recollections of events that have never happened. Simple by manipulating the memory engram-bearing cells in the hippocampus, the research team convinced their mice that they had experienced a shock to their feet — despite that never actually happening.

Further research into the subject will expose what other types of memories can be implemented, and into what other brains that this might be possible, like a human’s. The team’s research paper is available in this month’s Science magazine.

ViaMIT Technology ReviewScience, and io9

Gran Turismo Movie In The Works, But We All Know It Will Take An Eternity

Gran Turismo 5In classic Sony and Polyphony Digital style, the Gran Turismo series of racing game simulators has awed every generation of PlayStation consoles that it has graced, but the simple fact is that release cycles for GT are eons apart.

Enter, the confirmation from Sony that Gran Turismo will have a movie of its own that will debut in theaters, but with no confirmation of the plot or when it might be released. Besides the project’s existence, Mike de Luca and Dana Brunetti (of The Social Network and 50 Shades of Grey production fame) will be involved, along with support from Sony via the PlayStation 4.

Perhaps we’ll see it sometime in 2016, or around then?

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NASA Releases Image Detailing Where Curiosity Has Been Since It Landed

curiosity-travelsWhile it has been in the works for many weeks, the above image is an excellent color representation of the NASA rover Curisoity, or rather, where it’s been since it landed last year. The image itself was shot from NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter on June 27th, using its High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment (HiRISE) which since 2006, has been taking images of the red planet. The landing site of the rover can easily be seen as the bluish spot to the left, known as the Glenelg area of the Gale Crater.

Curiosity itself can be seen as a tiny blue-and-white dot in the lower right half of the photo, with the faint trail representing the tracks that it left behind. Of course, we don’t have an exact number to explain how far Curiosity has traveled, but keep in mind that Curiosity’s tracks are 10 feet apart, so the distance is obviously not to scale.


Bowflex UpperCut Review: It Gets Better, When You Do

The Bowflex UppercutLet’s get this one out of the way — quickly. The Bowflex UpperCut is an exercise machine designed to work your core, shoulders, and back, with equal distribution, while improving the structure and appearance of the abs.

Of course, once you order one, it comes as a series of disassembled parts that need some engineering, then afterwards you’ll have it all to yourself. Well, the upcoming text is my experience with the UpperCut, with all of its ups, downs, and uppercuts.

Google Unveils Chromecast: For $35, Stream From Any Device To Your TV

chromecastThis is a really great feature, that actually has the chance for universal adoption, if marketed and sold correctly.

The Chromecast is a simple HDMI stick, powered by USB,  that it no more than 2 inches long, and allows the user to transmit whatever they’re experiencing on their device to their TV. This means Macs, Windows, iOS, Android, Chrome OS, and anything else that can tap into the Chrome browser to project whatever you want to watch.

Got a cool video on YouTube you want to show everyone in the room? Plug Chromecast into the TV’s HDMI port, jump into Chrome and hit the “Cast” button, and you’re immediately projecting, wirelessly. Also, it turns the device that the content originates from and turns it into a remote, so you can control the volume, queue content, and even shut off the TV.

Google’s asking price for the Chromecast on the Play Store? $35. That’s pretty cool.

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Android 4.3 Is Official: Bluetooth Stuff, Profiles, And Minor Things, Available Today

android4point3announcedUsers of the Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 4, 7, and 10 will be happy to know that Android 4.3 will be arriving via an over-the-air update today. The Play Edition Galaxy S4 and HTC One devices have a “coming soon” tag associated with their updates, but it shouldn’t be long for them, either. As for the mass of other Android devices: expect the update in the next few weeks/months.

Improvements made in Android 4.3 are mostly minor: restriction settings available for users and parents, so that an app behaves differently depending on what the user is allowed to do, Bluetooth Smart technology for energy-conservative use with fitness gadgets, and there’s support for OpenGL ES 3.0, enabling improved details in graphics, as well as lens flare.

Other small changes include a new set of DRM APIs for the new Nexus 7 to take advantage of 1080p streaming from Netflix, as well as Bluetooth AVRCP, dialpad autocomplete, and bug fixes.

Best Buy Says: The New Nexus 7 Available For $230


So much for the press conference for Android 4.3 and the new Nexus 7 in San Francisco. Best Buy decided it was cool to go ahead and published the product page for two versions of the new Nexus 7: a $230 tag for a 16GB model and $270 for 32GB.

The official specs for the new tablet include a 1920 x 1200 (323ppi) display, 2GB of RAM, 1.5GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro 8064 processor with Adreno 320 graphics, weighs 11.2 ounces and has new 5-megapixel rear camera alongside the 1.2MP front-facing. The Best Buy listing also confirms that it will be running Android 4.3.

And if you’re into it, it’s available for pre-order.

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AT&T Scores $32.1 Billion In Revenue And $6.8 Million Smartphones

ATT-LogoThe earnings and other stats for AT&T’s second quarter have just arrived, with several additions being made to the company. First off is 551,000 postpaid subscribers and 632,000 total subscribers for the quarter. That included nearly 400,000 wireless-enabled tablets.

AT&T’s wireless revenues totaled $17.3 billion, up 5.7 percent; service revenue accounted for $15.4 billion of the aforementioned amount, while the data service earned $5.4 billion, up nearly 20 percent from a year earlier during the same quarter.

Shares were sold for 67 cents each, which in the end completed the $32 billion in revenue, $3,8 billion of which was net income for the second quarter of 2013.