Origin PC Debuts The EON13-S: A Small Gaming Laptop With Haswell And Kepler For $1,474

eon13-s-front-expandedIn order to stay competitive in the small gaming computer division of the market, Origin PC from Miami has just announced their own take on a laptop design that has been used by other companies before it.

In this special case, it’s called the EON13-S, and features a 4th Generation Intel Core processor, NVIDIA GTX 765M graphics, support up to three storage devices, and possibility (since this is a mass produced computer that just so happens to be rebranded for Origin) to support Intel’s 2.8GHz i7-4900MQ, 2.70GHz i7-4800MQ and 2.40GHz i7-4700MQ chips as possible options., with up to 16GB of RAM. The most economical setup goes for $1,474, with a promotion before August 5th that gets you free overlocking and  mouse. Not bad.

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Audio Technica WS99 Headphones Review: They Sound, Look, But Don’t Feel Great

WS99Audio Technica is a pretty reputable consumer sound manufacturer, founded in Japan sometime in 1962, and as part of their new line of headphones (which is their main business), the WS99 is probably the best of bunch. It features large 53mm drivers, chambers that are designed to lock-in bass, and mostly neutral in the high, low, and mid-range frequencies. They’re jet black, with shiny plastic covering the sides, with leatherette cushioning for the ears and top of the head to keep things aesthetically pleasing. But is it any good considering the price; let’s find out, shall we?

Uni-Ball Vision Elite Series BLX Pen Review: Get Litt Up

DSC00960As a few of you may or may not know, I’m a die-hard fan of Suits on USA. The eccentric cast of handsome and beautiful characters, plus the epic cases and dialogue makes the show the hit that it is. Having just entered its third season on USA, Louis Litt, the sworn enemy of Harvey Specter, our hotsoht lawyer in the drama, has a fascination with two things: uni-ball pens and raspberry bars.

Naturally, I was interested in what a Uni-Ball pen was, and why it made for such a hilarious scene in the show. An email later, and Uni-Ball Vision Pro Elite and BLX pens were in my hands. Let’s see why Louis Litt likes them so much.

Google Nexus 7 (2013) Review: Reborn With Excellence

It’s been only a few months after the launch of the iPad mini and not even a year since the launch of the last Nexus 7.  But Google had four great reasons to bring the press out to San Francisco to talk about the new Nexus 7. First off, the new high resolution screen, addition of a back-facing camera, a new version of Android, and a thinner, lighter body.

And that’s all it took for the new Nexus 7 to capture my attention.

Admittingly, Steve Ballmer And Co. Are Disappointed With Surface RT Sales


Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, known for his eccentric ways of jumping into press conferences (from time to time, anyway) has publicly stated the simple fact that Microsoft hasn’t been selling as many Surface RT tablets as they felt they would, plus they built too many units.

“We built a few more devices than we could sell,” admitted Ballmer when referring to the slow Surface RT sales — the response to this problem has been drastically cutting the price of the Surface RT, but little has been reported on the success of that decision.

Another thing that Ballmer referred to in the recent Microsoft town hall was: “We’re not selling as many Windows devices as we want to.” This has been pretty obvious, as quarterly reports of sales on laptops, tablets, and Windows Phones haven’t exactly been top-notch.

But, things could turn up eventually — if MSFT has something worthwhile up their sleeves.

Via: Verge

Scientists At MIT Have Achieved Implementation Of False Memories In Mice

mice-memoriesWhile under the assumption that certain scientists at MIT enjoyed sci-fi films, came a discovery through experimentation, that is actually a breakthrough. By using mice as test subjects, the MIT scientists were able to abuse the special condition of false memory syndrome: in which the brain concocts recollections of events that have never happened. Simple by manipulating the memory engram-bearing cells in the hippocampus, the research team convinced their mice that they had experienced a shock to their feet — despite that never actually happening.

Further research into the subject will expose what other types of memories can be implemented, and into what other brains that this might be possible, like a human’s. The team’s research paper is available in this month’s Science magazine.

ViaMIT Technology ReviewScience, and io9

Gran Turismo Movie In The Works, But We All Know It Will Take An Eternity

Gran Turismo 5In classic Sony and Polyphony Digital style, the Gran Turismo series of racing game simulators has awed every generation of PlayStation consoles that it has graced, but the simple fact is that release cycles for GT are eons apart.

Enter, the confirmation from Sony that Gran Turismo will have a movie of its own that will debut in theaters, but with no confirmation of the plot or when it might be released. Besides the project’s existence, Mike de Luca and Dana Brunetti (of The Social Network and 50 Shades of Grey production fame) will be involved, along with support from Sony via the PlayStation 4.

Perhaps we’ll see it sometime in 2016, or around then?

Via: Joystiq

NASA Releases Image Detailing Where Curiosity Has Been Since It Landed

curiosity-travelsWhile it has been in the works for many weeks, the above image is an excellent color representation of the NASA rover Curisoity, or rather, where it’s been since it landed last year. The image itself was shot from NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter on June 27th, using its High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment (HiRISE) which since 2006, has been taking images of the red planet. The landing site of the rover can easily be seen as the bluish spot to the left, known as the Glenelg area of the Gale Crater.

Curiosity itself can be seen as a tiny blue-and-white dot in the lower right half of the photo, with the faint trail representing the tracks that it left behind. Of course, we don’t have an exact number to explain how far Curiosity has traveled, but keep in mind that Curiosity’s tracks are 10 feet apart, so the distance is obviously not to scale.