HTC One Launching On T-Mobile Come April 24th

HTC One near handJust like other smartphones in its 4G LTE range, T-Mobile will offer the HTC One for $99 on a new 2-year contract alongside their new carrier service plans. The only exclusive feature of the HTC One to T-Mobile is Wi-Fi calling, which integrates nicely with the support of 4G HSPA+ and LTE. T-Mobile’s current portfolio of LTE phones, includes the iPhone 5, the Galaxy S4, and the BlackBerry Z10.

Interestingly, the news comes from a tweet sent by T-Mobile to a possible customer; thanks for that.

Via: T-Mobile (Twitter)

Eric Schmidt Details 1.5 MIllion Android Activations, Everyday

eric-schmidtAt Dive Into Mobile today, Executive Chairman of Google, Eric Schmidt, confirmed that the company is now seeing 1.5 million Android activations per day, which is up from 1.3 million per day last fall and a slight jump to  1.4 million as of last month. They’re baby steps to the big 2 million, but still are precursors to the already giant Android marketshare.

AT&T’s Galaxy S 4 Shipping April 30th For $199/$639

gs4-attpageWith April slipping further and further away, it comes to our attention that the Galaxy S 4 is rapidly approaching. That is, at least on AT&T, where the GS4 will be available in White Frost or Black Mist colors. More importantly, it will ship by April 30th and has an off-contract price tag of $639 ($199 w/ two-year agreement) for the 16GB model. Add two-day shipping and you’d see your GS4 no later than May 3rd. Sounds good.


Google Releases Mirror API: You Can Make Glassware — They’re Glass Apps!

google-glass-flexibilityGoogle isn’t holding off when it to Glass, and why should they? That’s why the Mirror API has been released: it’s basically an online resource of comprehensive documentation, complete with example code for developers who want to add apps to the Glass interface. The only weird thing going on here is that the application programming interface is still in a limited developer preview, but still, that won’t stop devoted devs.

Oh, and what is a Glass service called? Google says you should call them “Glassware”. Not bad, actually.

Via: Google Glass Mirror API 

First Google Glass Explorer Units Are Coming Off Production Lines

Google Glass ColorsIn a quick email to Google Glass developers and Explorer program members, the first Google Glass units are being rolled out in batches and shipped out, within a few weeks. As Google put it in an email to upcoming receivers of Glass, “we’re seeing the first few devices come off the production line right now.”

It’s good news on the Glass front, but still just a small factor in a sea of consumers who want the device available, publicly.

Brevity Review: The MadCatz F.R.E.Q. 5 Gaming Headset

FREQ 5It’s everything that the higher-end F.R.E.Q. 7 is, except it opts for 5.1 surround sound instead of the newer 7.1 surround sound technology. Same build, feel, microphone, equalizer settings, and design, just $50 less expensive than the $200 F.R.E.Q. 7. For pro gamers, the F.R.E.Q. 5 is an excellent headset for those of you looking for great sound quality, with a solid microphone to record commentary. Similarly to the F.R.E.Q. 7, the FREQ 5 is a GameSmart headset — basically, you get a USB cable and a 3.5mm audio jack cable for your computer and phone, respectively.

This way, it remains a universal device, however when used on a smartphone, your power output is takes a slight penalty, so the best sound only comes from a computer. But don’t worry, you’re still being exposed to massive 50mm audio drivers that will blast the living daylights out of you — if you’re not careful.

Twitter #Music Begins With Top-Tier Users, Aims To Integrate

twitter-music-deniedSo, besides being offered to only celebrities and select top-tier Twitter users, the #Music page remains mostly a mystery. However, thanks to some curious minds, we now know that it’s a webpage that integrates with YouTube, Vevo, Spotify, Rdio, iTunes, and SoundCloud; all for the sake of social media and music.

It also turns out that a webpage element called “.iconmusic-player-btn-buy,” purportedly points out that users will be able to buy songs, while others suggest music charts, artist biographies, and stats. As for a public usage announcement? Expect to hear more in about a week.

Via: Sefsar, TNW

Apple May Pay Out $53 Million In iPhone Water Damages


Apple has agreed to a settlement of $53 million for water damaged iPhone and iPod Touches, reports Wired. It is pertaining to a tape produced by 3M, which turns pink or red if the device has been exposed to water, in which case Apple would refuse you warranty service.

Turns out, 3M states this can happen simply through humidity, so users of the original iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, or a first-, second or third-generation iPod Touch who were denied service could be given a payout of nearly $200.

The only course of action needed now is for a judge to approve of the settlement and for Apple to honor it.

Via: Wired