Sony: PlayStation 4 Releases On November 15th For $399

ps4-controllerJust confirming what was known already, Sony is releasing the PlayStation 4 for $399, starting November 15th of this year in the United States and Canada. Priced a full $100 less than the new Xbox One, the PlayStation 4 is betting on its user base as well as exclusive launch titles to reign supreme in the next-gen gaming console wars — or something about profit, stocks, and market share.

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Bang & Olufsen H6 Headphones Review: Nice, But Leather Doesn’t Sound Better

h6-2When Bang & Olufsen, a Danish company renowned for its attention to detail in TV, speakers, radios, and design (as well as its premium pricing) decided to produce over-ear headphones and invite me for three different press meeting involving them, it begged the question: is any of this worth it?

After all, the B&O H6 headphones contain memory foam in the ear cups which are made of lamb leather, with cow leather lining the top. Polycarbonate reinforcements and brushed aluminum make up the rest of the H6 headphones, so by looks alone, you’d be convinced that they sound absolutely amazing.

But, the truth isn’t tan. At least, not in New York City.

Microsoft Announces Project Spark: Anyone Can Now Make Their Own Game

project-sparkStarting in October, a public beta for Project Spark will go live. It’s a game maker app, designed so that everyday Xbox One gamers can begin to create their own games, then publish it to share with friends. The creator can build custom worlds, characters, and animations from an Xbox One, PC, or through a SmartGlass app.

For truly professional detail, both voice and motion capture with Kinect will be possible, to let players capture facial animations, body motion, and voice, and then create custom characters and dialog in their games. Kinect users can record their own face and then use it for an in-game character, or record custom body motions and assign them as an attack move in games.

Microsoft mentioned the release timeframe, too: a closed beta will start for Windows 8 devices in October and a January 2014 for Xbox One. Promo vid, after the cut.

Via: Xbox Wire

Origin Bests Steam In A Fair Fight: They Now Offer Refunds For EA Games

origin-logoIt’s been a wish of PC gamers that seemingly would never happen, due to the nature of downloading a few gigabytes of information to a computer and being able to modify it later. But, it’s happened: refunds.

Buy a game on Steam and want your money back? Tough luck. It will never happen. But Electronic Arts, desperate for an edge, has added refunds to their digital download service, Origin. If a user is dissatisfied with a game published by the company at least 24 hours after the first time you launch the game or within 7 days of purchase, then you will be able to receive a refund.

The feature is rolling out worldwide during the next few weeks.

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Moto Maker Won’t Let You Engrave The Moto X At Launch


Despite the fact that today, I received my specially engraved Moto X from Fort Worth, Texas, consumers will be unable to do the same come launch.

Instead, they will wait until their quality control standards reach a higher standard, as the initial crop of journalists and tech writers (like myself) proved to them that inscribing a personal message on everyone’s new Moto X is a bit hard in reality than on paper. The feature will resume sometimes after launch.

Via: JR Rapheal (Google+)

AT&T Will Sell The Galaxy Mega For $150 Starting August 23rd

galaxy-megaIf you like big phones, just know that Samsung will be testing your limits. Being the biggest phone Samsung has ever made, the Galaxy Mega has a 6.3-inch, 720p display, a 1.7GHz dual-core processor; 8-megapixel camera; and Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean with Samsung’s user interface plastered on top.

AT&T will be carrying the device starting August 23rd for $150 on a new two-year contract, and will be serving it with 4G LTE data service.

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