Brevity Review: Timbuk2 Especial Tres Cycling Backpack

Timbuk2 Especial Tres

This backpack is the rolltop variant and features two of the best things in a backpack: comfort and durability. Made of Cordura, the same material in GoRucks and Chrome bags, the Especial Tres Cycling Backpack takes it all a step further by looking absolutely awesome, with buckles as accents, a square aesthetic, along with pockets on the sides, front, back, interior, and two main storage compartments: the waterproof roll-top section, with a large Velcro sealed sleeve (with more pockets) and another Velcro-sealed front compartment for books and cameras.

There’s no doubt it’s well equipped, with a normal storage capacity of 35 liters, expandable to a full 45 liters, but what’s it like to use on a daily basis?

Acer Aspire R7 Hands-On At Milk Studios!

Acer ASpire R7 Hands-onHere’s the Acer Aspire R7, the absolutely crazy laptop with a 3rd-generation 1.8GHz Intel Core i5 processor, 6GB of DDR3 RAM, 500GB SATA hard drive with 24GB SSD, Intel HD Graphics 4000,  a full HD display, Dolby Home Theater speakers, and Acer’s own Screen Grasp technology which lets you grasp and manipulate things on-screen.

Acre aims to not only change the way laptops are built, but to give it an edge that other competitors don’t have, like for example, designing this crazy laptop. The build quality is excellent, with a mix of plastics and metal, plus a backlit keyboard and the Windows 8 Pro operating system. My time with the R7 has been pretty short, but so far I’ve recognized 2 USB 3.0 ports and 1 extra USB port, an HDMI port, SD card slot, power jack, 3.5mm headset jack, and a DisplayPort.

There are no specifics as to how much the Acer Aspire R7 weighs, but it did feel quite solid, so I’d put it anywhere around 5 pounds (the Acer representative told me it’s exactly 5.1lbs and 1.1-inches thin), making it a full-size notebook. It also looks and feels quite promising, but its fate will be certain when it’s featured in a LaptopMemo review.

It’s releasing May 14th at Best Buy exclusively in the United States, for $999.

Acer Aspire R7 Hands-On Shots

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Acer Announces The Aspire R7 Laptop, P3 Ultrabook, And Iconia A1 Tablet

Acer Aspire R7At a global press event here in New York City, Acer has announced several new devices to bolster their WIndows 8 and Android catalog. The purpose of these new devices is a theory Acer calls “duality”, where you can access different input options for different devices, so basically touch interfaces and typing interfaces are what will make what Acer thinks is a market advantage.

The Acer Aspire R7 is the first laptop that Acer is announcing at this event. The R7 radically changes the placement for the keyboard and trackpad, along with a rotatable display, very much like a easel —  a branding name which Acer dubs “Ezel”. Designed as the notebook designed for touch, these features allow the user to edit and create without compromise between touch or keyboard interfaces. The design allows for a variety of usual ports, like two USBs and an HDMI port. A full HD display, Dolby Home Theater speakers, and Screen Grasp technology which lets you grasp and manipulate things on-screen.

Specs for the Aspire R7 notebook includes four speakers with one on each channel for easy listening. It comes out in United States on May 14th, as an and BestBuy release.

The Acer Aspire P3 is your typical ultrabook, however still has the “Ezel” hinge, but to a lesser versatility — something that Acer calls an “ultrabook convertible”. It’s all backed up by Intel Core i5 processors, along with Windows 8 and support for a stylus pen, besides the touchscreen and keyboard. And if you’re not exactly into the laptop interface, you can remove the screen to use it as a normal Windows 8 tablet.

Lastly, the Acer Iconia A1 is an Android tablet with 8 hours of battery life with a price of $169, a 7.9-inch IPS display, and a quad-core processor.

Harvard University’s Robotic Flying Insect Has Taken A Controlled Flight

bee2harvard“This is what I have been trying to do for literally the last 12 years,” explains Professor Robert J Wood, Charles River Professor of Engineering and Applied Sciences at Harvard University. “Now that we’ve got this unique platform, there are dozens of tests that we’re starting to do, including more aggressive control maneuvers and landing.”

Indeed, a tiny robotic insect capable of controlled flight is actually rather awesome. The controlled flight mechanic was perfected by the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering, and despite this minor breakthrough, the researchers still want to add batteries, an internal control system, and make an even more lightweight chassis. As long as they don’t set a swarm of flying robots on me, I’m all for the great work they’re doing. Video of the flight is after the break.


Finally, A Leak That May Lead To An Upcoming Motorola Device Surfaces

moto-att-leak-may2First of all, before specs are thrown around about an unannounced, unnamed, and unknown device it’s worth noting that we definitely know it’s on AT&T; the carrier’s name is in the top left corner, with its unique LTE logo in the top right along with a bundled myAT&T app. The back of the device is labeled “XFON”, without anybody having a single idea what that refers to. Other than that, the smartphone that @evleaks has acquired photos of also runs the stock version of Android, so that’s an additional detail.

Via:  @evleaks

Gmail Adds Calendar Event Times From Inside An Email

calendarIt’s been a glaring omission from Gmail for the longest time: why could you just create a calendar event using the times specified inside of an email? Well, now it’s possible. Starting this just week for those using US English, Google is rolling out a Gmail web update that automatically underlines dates and times; clicking on said link will produce a pop-up box that allows you to create or edit an event, with those times already inserted into the listing for you. It’s the little stuff that count.

ViaOfficial Gmail Blog

Google Keep For Chrome Debuts On The Web Store

googlekeepIt turns out Google just keeps dominating the news streams, but most if not all the news is actually pretty good. In this case, it’s Google Keep, the very simple yet powerful and colorful note-taking app available for desktop and Android. The web app for Chrome simply opens a standalone window where you can add notes, to-do lists, photos, and anything else for later on Keep. Offline support also comes along for the ride, so your Android phone can take you notes wherever you need to go. Google has to add more features to Keep in the future, but for now, it’s pretty great.

Via: Google

New Google Glass Dev App Lets You Wink To Take Photos

google-eye-winkThe long list of developer innovations for the Google Glass dev program is growing. From rooting, to a lockscreen, and now a new app that allows you to — wait for it — wink to take a photo. Google Glass user and developer Mike DiGiovanni created and app called “Winky.” Once activated and calibrated, a simple wink of the eye allows you to capture a still of whatever you’re looking at, in high contrast to pressing the camera button or making a gesture on the Glass touchpad; DiGiovanni says that the aforementioned solution, “takes you out of the moment. Currently, the app only exists as source code, to protect users’ persona info, so if you happen to have Glass, you’ll need to compile and run the app as an APK first.

ViaMike DiGiovanni (Google+), Eng