Canon Outs The World’s Lightest SLR, The EOS Rebel SL1

eos-rebel-sl1So, in order to make do for what the lackluster EOS M camera was, Canon decided it was time to create something new, that used existed technology that was already reliable. Enter, the Canon EOS Rebel SL1, the world’s smallest Digital SLR. SL stands for “super lightweight,” weighing in at just a tad bit of 14 ounces, but still can make use of full-size EOS lenses, like the new EF-S 18-55mm IS STM optic that ships in the box of the camera. The real internal specs include an 18-megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor, DIGIC 5 image processor, a 1.04M-dot fixed touchscreen, a new hybrid autofocus and standard 9-point autofocus. A decent sensitivity ranging from ISO 100-25,600, capture of 1080p HD video at 30 or 24 fps, a built-in mono mic, along with a stereo mic input jack on the side rounds off the whole package.

In other words, it’s not original: the camera that these parts were taken from was the pre-existing EOS Rebel T4i, which now will be renamed the T5i due to the SL1’s creation, and as a result will only get a new basic kit lens. Prices for the T5i range from $750 (body-only), an 18-55mm kit package that costs $900, and a T5i that will cost $1100 with longer 18-135mm lens.

But back to the feature story: the ROS Rebel SL1: it will come out in April for $650 (body only), or $800 with the new 18-55mm STM lens. Snap on some quality Canon lenses and you’ve got one heck of a beginner’s DSLR camera,without the weight and bulk.

Via: Canon USA

Google Keep: A New Take On Note-Taking, And It’s Delightful

googlekeepWant to check out Google Keep? You can now: go check out Google’s answer to Evernote at The objective of Google Keep (for now) is simple — take notes and have them synced in Google Drive with whomever you want (or don”t want). It’s straightforward and easy-to-use; almost even restricting. For those interested in using Google Keep on their mobile devices, an official Android app is already available, full of colors and playful design.

While it’s not king of the hill, it does have a fighting chance against Evernote. At least, that’s what Google wants you to keep in mind — no pun intended.

Via: Google Blog

Adobe CTO Kevin Lynch Departs — To Work At Apple

Kevin-Lynch-and-Martha-StewartIn a quick flash, Adobe Chief Technical Officer, Kevin Lynch, has decided to step down from Adobe (responsible for Flash and PhotoShop, among other famous software) and joined the ranks of Apple’s elite. While Adobe patches together their gaping hole within management which will be filled by their CEO, the execs of Apple will have exciting new projects to begin with Kevin Lynch, as he is mostly responsible for Adobe’s Creative Cloud push, as the folks at Cupertino have always struggled with improving their cloud services (like iCloud).

Adobe’s official statement is below:

Kevin Lynch, Adobe CTO, is leaving the company effective March 22 to take a position at Apple. We will not be replacing the CTO position; responsibility for technology development lies with our business unit heads under the leadership of Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen. Bryan Lamkin, who has recently returned to Adobe, will assume responsibilities for cross company research and technology initiatives as well as Corporate Development. We wish Kevin well in this new chapter of his career.

ViaAllThingsD, Image: Danielle Favreau

Samsung VP Confirms It: Samsung Is Working On A Smart Watch

Samsung Launching StuffIn a recent interview, Samsung’s mobile executive VP Lee Young Hee confirmed that the company is in fact working on a watch — a smart watch. Bloomberg published the report, also detailing the need to bring the watch to market first (basically, before Apple or anyone else) so that consumers also find it useful. Samsung is very well-acquainted with paring watches and phones, despite the efforts never bearing fruitful outcomes. Looks like we’ll have to wait and see what happens.

Via: Bloomberg

T-Mobile Holding Carrier-Related 4G LTE Press Event On March 26th

T-Mobile Note II/LTET-Mobile is prepping for war: a press event invite sent out just a few hours ago to members of the media instructed those invited to be present at a location in New York City. The purpose? T-Mobile wants to distinguish itself from other carriers, and with current information that’s been floating around lately, it’s the launch of their 4G LTE network, backed up by 4G HSPA+ as well as the exclusion of contracts. Even better? The Galaxy Note II, an existing 4G HSPA+ smartphone, has already received an update to allow for LTE functionality — without the need of hardware changes; the same applies to the BlackBerry Z10.

Sounds like a plan; now will it work?

Via: AllThingsD

New Gmail Update Lets You Reply And Archive From The Notification Drawer

gmail-jellybean-update-reply-archiveReady for handy feature for users with Android phones running software version 4.1 or above? In an update for the Gmail app, you can now reply to, archive, or delete messages from the notification drawers without going to the actual app on another screen. There is a catch to this feature however: it only works if there’s one new email in your inbox, otherwise if there is more than one, you have to jump into the app. Regardless, it’s thoughtful, and no doubt will be handy in a pinch for some — that’s on top of bug fixes and faster searching online and off. The Gmail update is available now via Google Play.

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HTC One vs. iPhone 5 Camera: Why Ultrapixel is Not As Revolutionary As Expected

ultrapixelThe market for smartphones has grown to such an extent that people are no longer just interested in the features and apps. They keep an eye on each and every spec that has been upgraded in the device and what it offered to them. The companies are quick to jump on this aspect of their devices when marketing them. Often, they are able to take a minor feature of the smartphone and create such hype that it becomes the reason why most people decide to buy it in the first place.

This is true for the companies that are trying to compete with industry giants like Apple and Google. You won’t find Apple trying to sell the new model of the iPhone or a new feature they have added to it. They try to make the device appealing so that the people are automatically attracted towards it. This is the difference between the leading companies and the companies trying to make their mark in the market like HTC.