Yahoo! Board Approves $1.1 Billion Acquisition Of Tumblr

yahootumblrIt’s all very much confirmed, but now Tumblr has to actually accept the $1.1 billion offer that Yahoo’s board has put forth to acquire said company. No doubt is it a gamble, considering that many of the companies that Yahoo! has acquired have been trashed, and Tumblr has a very solid, cool reputation of GIFs, blogs, and some weird stuff, all swirled around by a younger user-base that swears by the service.

If Yahoo! doesn’t know how to wield the “coolness”, they may very well shoot themselves in the foot, and bring down one of the internet’s most recognizable social networks. So far, public acceptance has been very low; Tumblr users have no interest in being part of Yahoo’s billion dollar experiment.

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Unknown Motorola Phone Passes Through FCC, Looks Like The X Phone

X-Phone-FCC-Vs-Leak-picFor quite a few months now, a certain Motorola device, dubbed the “X Phone”, has been making rounds around the rumor mill. From being Google’s new flagship device, to just another device in the Motorola portfolio, to debuting a completely new version of Android, the X Phone has been very mysterious, but images have leaked in the past.

And now, all of a sudden, an FCC filing. That’s very promising. In fact, now it’s also pretty certain that the model number is “XT1058”. Besides that, the earlier leaks of it using AT&T 4G LTE bands also proves true, along with Bluetooth 4.0, 802.11ac WiFi and NFC radios. Aesthetically, the design may actually change, since this definitely look like the typical camouflage casing given to unreleased smartphones.

Should be interesting to know what Google will say about this in the coming weeks or months.

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Ex-Valve Engineers Put Projectors On Glasses To Create AR Experience

project-valve-glassesWhen Valve cut-off a ton of their employees, dubbed the “great cleansing”, two specific engineers not only left the company, but left with their project as well. Ex-Valve engineers Jeri Ellsworth and Rick Johnson created the CastAR, which takes a whole different approach to modified-reality tech by placing tiny projectors the shades.

The way it works is that the projectors display images to a specialized, reflective screen, which then projects them back at your face, and then is split into left-eye and right-eye images for your 3D viewing pleasure. To ensure that the 3D image is always in the right perspective, even if you move your head, tiny LEDs track and help calculate the right angles.

From a consumer standpoint, this could be used to play games, having characters pop in and out of your field-of-vision, or display helpful information. It’s all very much glued silicon and messy parts right now, but there is a possibility of it becoming a real product; The Verge had a chance to use them in-person, in case that’s interesting.

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Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 11 Review: What Happened Here?

Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 11An ultraportable, laptop/tablet hybrid with some great versatility where it matters, the Ideapad Yoga 11, barely fits that description. Being the world’s thinnest multimode laptop, it struggles when endowed with performing the tasks of either a laptop or a tablet, which sort of defeats the purpose of a hybrid.

When the Idea of a laptop/tablet Hybrid was first introduced, many manufacturers went after the idea of productivity with a bit of versatility. Um…not to say that its a bad investment, but there is definitely better.

Samsung Galaxy S 4 Will Reach 10 Million In Sales, By Next Week

DSC_0062-650x430According to co-CEO of Samsung’s mobile division, JK Shin, the recently launched Galaxy S 4 will reach 10 million units sold, less than a month after its debut in the United States on only three of the four major carriers (Sprint, AT&T, and T-Mobile). That beats the Galaxy S III’s time to that milestone by nearly three weeks, making it far and away the company’s quickest selling device, ever. In fact, the numbers will only rise from there, considering that the Verizon Wireless release will occur at the very end of May, with an Android 4.2.2 stock Jelly Bean release by Google on the Play Store in late June.

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Google Glass Getting New Apps: CNN, Twitter, Elle, Tumblr, Evernote, And Facebook

twitteronglassReferred to as “Glassware”, Google Glass apps are coming together as part of a storm for Explorer users. Starting with delivering CNN breaking news alerts,  then Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook posts, along with Evernote reminders and articles from Elle MagazineThe New York Times and Path were the only two Glassware apps available for the headset, until now. The apps will roll-out soon, and with thousands of others in development for the public Google Glass launch next year.

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Google And NASA Have Teamed Up To Build/Use Quantum Supercomputers

Image Credit: D-WaveGoogle and NASA see it fitting to join forces and launch the Quantum Artificial Intelligence Lab, based at NASA’s Ames Research Center in California, which will be home to a quantum computer from D-Wave Systems. Researchers will work to, in Google’s own words, “study how quantum computing might advance machine learning”.

In reality, what Google wants to do with quantum computing is refine and perhaps completely revamp how search and voice recognition technology interact and work, so that an artificial intelligence (AI) more advanced than Apple’s Siri or Google own Now engine could exist. The same could be said for predicting and addressing climates and diseases. Don’t get excited yet, since this is in its very early stages, but still, if there is a time to use “cutting edge”, this is it.


Here Are All The (Really Cool) Six Google Glass Prototypes

google-glass-prototypesIt’s actually really humble of Google to show off the six prototypes of Google Glass (considering that the current version is still a prototype, after all). From strapping a smartphone to your head, to circuit boards and wires, Google has tried almost everything until they reached the current evolution. It’s needless to say that you’d look like a real Glasshole wearing the early prototypes, if you would even want to at all.

If you’re interested, check out the Glass section of yesterday’s Google I/O presentation (beginning at the 6:13).

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