Adobe Suffers A Blow: Data For 2.9 Million Customers Has Been Compromised

creative-cloudThis is one for the record books: an intrusion led to Adobe IDs and passwords along with “certain information” for about 2.9 million customers falling to int the hands of hackers. Better yet, the information breached not only include IDs and passwords, but customer names, encrypted credit / debit card numbers, and expiration dates also was compromised.

In response to the breach, Adobe has reached out for federal law enforcement to assist, along with banks to remain on alert, and for “eligible customers”, one free year of credit monitoring.

“Our investigation currently indicates that the attackers accessed Adobe customer IDs and encrypted passwords on our systems,” writes chief security officer Brad Arkin.

As a result of this whole mess, it’s a good idea to change your Adobe password.

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Instagram Will Launch Ads In The Coming Months, Only For U.S. Users


Ah, advertising. Instagram states that its mobile apps will begin to display ads in the coming months, and I quote they will start by the, “Focus on delivering a small number of beautiful, high-quality photos and videos from a handful of brands that are already great members of the Instagram community.”

The ads will initially only be seen by users in the United States, and you’ll have the option to report or hide the ads.

As much as a potential user backlash looms over the popular photo sharing service, one has to realize that this is a company with millions of users, and that requires server maintenance with a host of other things; basically, some sort of tangible profit is needed to keep things running.

Just don’t interrupt my list of calming forests with a fast food ad, Instagram — then we’ll have a problem.

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Why Not: Seiki Launches A 65-Inch 4K TV For $3,000

se65uy04rqConsidering the hard fact that 4K televisions will have astronomical prices, it’s nice to see Seiki developing different sizes, and pricing them hundreds if not thousands of dollars below the industry standard. Their new Ultra HD TV at 65-inches will launch in December, for the loving price of $3,000.

Called the SE65UY04, it features a refresh rate of 120Hz on 1080p and 30Hz on 4K resolution, with HDMi 1.4 technology on-board (not the new HDMI 2.0, sadly).

Not too bad, actually. If the company advertises right, a lot more people will know of Seiki, and thus will buy into the brand.


A Post From The Founder Of LaptopMemo

Google Glass on Stefan!Hey, everyone! It’s Stefan.

A couple thousand people visit this site on a daily basis. When I started LaptopMemo in 2009 at the tender age of 12-years-old, I never really expected to have met so many talented, brilliant, and driven people along the way.

Nor did I think having lunch with the president of Cornell Tech, or the fact that I’d make friends with people nearly twice my age. And that’s another thing: I’ve turned 17-years-old today, and in doing so I’ve noticed how the technology I cover, review, and ultimately even the site’s design has changed with age, not to mention the audience.

So, really that’s all. I’m calling all the possible sponsors, readers, and PR agents to come on over, and share the growth of this tech site.

It has views all its own, is unique in a saturated blogosphere, and most of all, it carries the significance of being tendered over time by the grandson over many generations of Alexandre Dumas — but more importantly, it’s just an awesome technology website.

And happy birthday to my Dad, too. We’re born on the same day.

Three Of Microsoft’s Top Shareholders Want Bill Gates Out

Bill-GatesAs a young technology journalist, I have to remain neutral. But in the realm of good acts and general great decision-making that has changed the world for the better, Bill Gates has every right to stay in the company he help founded.

But according to the views of three top shareholders at Microsoft, as reported by Reuters, not everyone is such in a loving mood:

The three investors are concerned that Gates’ presence on the board effectively blocks the adoption of new strategies and would limit the power of a new chief executive to make substantial changes. In particular, they point to Gates’ role on the special committee searching for Ballmer’s successor.

They are also worried that Gates – who spends most of his time on his philanthropic foundation – wields power out of proportion to his declining shareholding.

With Microsoft looking for a new CEO and Steve Ballmer stepping down from the position, Gates will most likely have to make a move that changes the company that he holds a 4.5% share in.

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Grand Theft Auto Online: Los Santos Is Now Open To Multiplayer Havoc

actual_1380327200That’s right: October 1st marks the day that Grand Theft Auto Online debuts. With the inclusion of multiplayer in the game, gamers will begin to see the new storyline part of the multiplayer, which takes place months before the campaign. Of course, server reliability will be put into question: there are currently over 16.5 million people with GTA V — regardless, have fun committing virtual crime with your friends.

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Google Releases A Web Designer App, In Beta, For PC And Mac

downloadIt’s pretty straightforward from Google this time. A new app available for download in its beta stage called Web Designer lets a newcomer to web design build their own site, while also letting a veteran get dirty with the HTML5 and CSS3 code.

Better yet, you can animate individual elements using layers — or have Google fill in the blanks if you have no idea on what you’re doing. Additionally, you’ll find a pretty decent suite of 3D rendering tools inside, along with illustration features.

Monetization options include Google’s own AdMob and DoubleClick Studio — in the end, this all sounds pretty useful, but not particularly so if you already have an existing platform for managing the design of a website.

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Helly Hansen Skagerack Catalina Review: A Fall Rain Jacket Great For NYC

4The last time Helly Hansen was mentioned on this tech site, I was talking about a jacket of theirs and the accompanying technology that made it possible for it to be worn in warm and cool climates. Now, I’m just talking about a jacket with Helly Tech Performance fabric; it’s designed to keep the wearer dry in the rain, effectively making it a classy rain jacket.