Samsung Galaxy Round: The Curved Smartphone Is Here

galaxy-roundIt’s actually quite simple. First of all, it’s only launching in Korea at SK Telecom. Secondly, it sports a 7.9mm profile and weighs less than a Note 3, at 152 grams. 2.3GHz quad core processor, 3GB RAM, 32GB storage, and 2800mAh battery. That’s all, along with the 5.7-inch 1080p HD touchscreen.

The only feature that is unique to the Galaxy Round worth mentioning? You roll the phone to wake the screen to see notifications. Not exactly groundbreaking.

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HP Outs The Chromebook 11: Verizon LTE, 100GB Cloud Storage, And It’s $279

hp-chromebook-11-xlThankfully, the Chromebook 11 breaks the spell of the Pixel being the only great looking laptop with access to Verizon 4G LTE mobile data. Weighing just about two pounds, has an 11.6-inch screen, and features 2GB of DDR3 RAM with a 16GB Solid State Drive.

Powered by trusty Google’s Chrome OS, it comes standard with a host of Google Apps to help get things done (with a number of other apps available in the Chrome App Store), as well as 100GB of cloud-based storage free for two years.

There’s also a variation of colors, WiFi, Bluetooth, and a Verizon LTE model, coming in 2014. But, the price of all that for the WiFi version? $279.

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Curved Smartphone From Samsung Gets Leaked In Photograph

curved-samsungApparently, what you see above is a leaked press render of the Korean version of an upcoming Samsung smartphone, utilizing the company’s new curved screen technology. There have been curved prototypes from Samsung in the past, but none of them have the appearance of this particular model.

Also, there are two points that make this leaked handset a bit more real: the fact that the leak originated for the infamous and reliable @evleaks, and secondly, it sports a micro-USB 3.0 port for charging and data transfers, very much like the just-released Galaxy Note III.

We shall wait, and see.

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Higgs Boson Scientists Awarded The 2013 Physics Nobel Peace Prize

nobel-peace-prizeDrs. Peter Higgs and François Englert have been awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics, along with a $1.2 million reward, for the discovery of the “God particle” that could explain how the universe’s elementary particles obtained their mass, shortly after the Big Bang event. The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences announced the winners at a press conference held this morning in Stockholm, Sweden. Congratulations, doctors.

Also, from a different perspective, the discovery of electricity and the awarded Nobel Peace Prize ushered in a world full of artificial light, and the discovery of quantum physics gave rise to semiconductors and thus electronics. So, with the award presented to the Higgs Boson, there’s not telling what can be made of it — yet.

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Pentax Goes Ahead And Unveils The High-End K-3 DSLR

pentax-k-3Pentax outdid itself this time. Having been a long-time reviewer of well, stuff, I’ve come across many Pentax DSLRs, and maybe this one looks the most promising. The new 24-megapixel DSLR supports a new WiFi-equipped SDHC card, FLU a tool that gives owners remote control of the camera through any device with a web browser.

There’s also distinct control of a new function: a new anti-aliasing toggle which lets users pick between smoothness and raw detail. You know, for the image buffs and attention to detail.

Moving on, there’s an updated 27-point autofocus system, 8.3 fps burst shooting, and a price of $1,300 body-only, or $1,700 bundled with a 18-135mm lens — both versions arriving this November. Meanwhile, a 16GB FLU card will be available during launch for $100; not bad Pentax.

Not bad, at all.


LG Says It Will Begin Producing Curved, Unbreakable Smartphone Displays

lgThe futuristic curved designs typically seen in movies, sponsored by major tech companies like LG, Samsung, HP, Acer, and Nokia (among others) will finally be gracing humanity. Starting in November, a curved smartphone will be launched by LG, sporting a new lightweight 6-inch panel that LG claims is the world’s first flexible OLED panel for smartphones.

LG’s new display is built from plastic substrates that give it bendable properties, which allows it to be fixed inside devices with curved and rigid designs.

Also: next month’s handset won’t be the only unique device; LG plans to release “enhanced performance and differentiated designs” starting next year as well.

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The Leakiest Of Leaks Surfaces: LG Nexus 5

nexus-5For months, speculation of LG’s next act in the Nexus program was questioned, but then pictures of the Nexus 5 periodically appeared. Now however, the entire drafted user’s manual has appeared, with specs and all. Basically, the Nexus 5 will be Google’s lead Android device, with all of the latest Android software updates, and top-tier hardware.

As detailed by the manual: a 4.95-inch display, a 2.3 GHz Snapdragon 800 processor, 2GB of RAM, inductive charging, NFC., LTE bands (1, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 20) are optimized for Asia and Europe (an American model passed through the FCC already).

Also, here are some specs that weren’t already speculated: an eight-megapixel camera with OIS on the back, a 1.3-megapixel shooter on the front, 32GB storage, and a battery that tops out at 2300 mAh. The IPS display has a 1080p resolution and can be projected via a SlimPort.

But, the plethora of sensors! A gyroscope, accelerometer, compass, proximity, light, and a pressure sensor. Why can’t this get officially announced tomorrow?

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