Google Photos: Unlimited Picture And Video Storage, In 16MP And 1080p Resolutions

Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 2.10.49 PMThe new home of photos, as Google puts it, is the new Photos app for web, Android and iOS. Unlimited picture and video storage uploads, preserved through time, subject, faces, and so on. Quality of images are preserved up to 16 megapixels or 1080p HD, and considering that those are excellent resolutions, the end result is that this is a viable solution for storing images — starting today.

Oh, and in case you wanted to find images, but still can’t sort them through despite the inclusion of multitouch gestures: searching in context is possible, and can generate accurate results.

Brillo And Weave Bring Google To The Internet Of Things

Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 1.46.22 PMBrillo and Weave: two implementations from Google that have been announced at I/O 2015, bringing the company to the Internet of Things. Easily explained, Brillo is an “underlying operating system for the internet of things,” with a developer preview coming in Q3 of this year. Derived from the core of Android, it’s a polished version of its underlying parts.

Weave, meanwhile, is the common language that allows for communication between physical devices, phones, and the internet.

Integration of both technologies will be worked on by Google and partners this year, in an attempt to bring the world of objects together, seamlessly to your phone.

Microsoft Brings Cortana To iOS And Android As Companion App

cortana-android-iosIf for some reason you find it more satisfying to use Microsoft’s Cortana to Google’s Now and Apple’s Siri digital assistants, then you’re in luck: Cortana is coming to iOS later this year and Android in late June.

But will anyone use it? Most likely, yes — but it will be odd. It won’t be as powerful as the Windows version, but it will wield the notifications needed to make it a compelling app, alongw ith search queries and asking of questions, on both Android and iOS versions.

Video of it in action, after the break. Via: The Windows Blog

Ride-Share Apps

Ah, the ride-share apps. Such apps are designed to provide on-demand rides at the mere click of a button (er, swipe?), and are arguably putting taxi cabs out of business. Considering ride-share services offer clean vehicles, amenities such as bottled water, and better driving than cabbies, it’s no wonder people are favoring these services more and more.

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular apps available today.

Soon, Google Wallet Will Be Pre-Installed On Phones With All Major Carriers

google-walletGoogle Wallet has been an on-and-off relationship, but now, Google seeks to turn the tables. Following the acquisition of Softcard (previously called Isis), the Wallet will be pre-installed on phones, running KitKat or higher, from the four major United States carriers — Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint.

It makes sense that Google would make this play: previously, Softcard was what prevented Google from having the default NFC wallet app monopoly, and with Apple Pay on the rise and Samsung planning a proprietary solution, a move like this keeps Google Wallet relevant, and competitive.

Via: Softcard, Google

Microsoft Rebrands Acompli As Outlook, Publishes iOS And Android Apps

Outlook-for-iOS-and-AndroidMicrosoft is flexing its app muscles once again, with the revival of Outlook on mobile devices. Back in December, Microsoft purchased mobile email app Acompli, and as of today has rebranded it as Outlook, with an identical appearance available on the Play Store and App Store. Though, the look of the app won’t stay the same for long; MSFT will update it weekly, apparently.

But, Microsoft isn’t being greedy here. The new Outlooks app supports support Office 365, Exchange,, Yahoo! Mail, Gmail, and other major email providers, while remaining free.

It’s an interesting turn of events, and given that many tech pundits find the app to be one of the best mobile email experiences, then it’s worth trying.

ViaMSFT Blog

Sony And Spotify Just Teamed Up For PlayStation Music

15763979424_11d12bbb1b_zThat’s right. Spotify is coming to PlayStation in the form of a new app destination called “PlayStation Music”. There, Spotify will be the exclusive provider of all your music streaming needs while on your console, be it PS4 or PS3, with Xperia devices to follow soon after. Existing Spotify users can simply log-in and get all of their existing playlists synced.

This comes with the closure of Sony’s own Music Unlimited service in 19 countries, whereas the PlayStation Music service will launch in 41 countries, a few of those being U.S., Canada, Mexico and Brazil.

Seems to be an excellent move on Sony’s part; offering yet another experience unavailable on the Xbox One.

Via: PlayStation Blog