Samsung Unveils It Has Mirror And Transparent OLED Displays

Samsung-Display]-55-inch-Transparent-OLED_1_1Straight from the future, indeed.

Showcased in Hong Kong, Samsung’s new mirror and transparent OLED displays are less a thing of concept and more a preview of the company’s plans to come. The displays are going to be integrated with Intel’s RealSense technology, meaning that the mirror display, for example, can be used as a “virtual fitting room,” made possible by Intel’s own 3D cameras and an “automated library of stored perceptions” — basically, a user can try on clothes, and jewelry before actually trying them on, to see if they fit.

The transparent OLED displays? Well, Samsung has plans for that also: interactive ads, again making use of Intel RealSense technology and gesture control.

It will take Samsung time to bear fruit of this cutting-edge tech, bu tit will happen; after all, this is Samsung we’re talking about here: a paragon of screens across all ranges.


Oh, But Indeed: Samsung Unveils An Iron Man Edition Galaxy S6 Edge

Galaxy-S6-edge-Iron-Man-Limited-EditionIt may sound cool at first, but with no J.A.R.V.I.S. AI, it’s kind of a disappointment, no? Also, the constant use of red and gold might appear to be a bit gaudy to some, but still the iconic Marvel character is well-represented on Samsung latest Galaxy S6 Edge smartphone, called the Iron Man Edition. Sadly, this 64GB limited edition device will only be available in Korea on the 27th, followed by China and Hong Kong in June.

Oh, and each package of the limited edition S6 Edge comes with an “arc reactor” wireless charger plus clear cover. Official unboxing at the source link.

Via: Samsung Mobile (YouTube)

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Review: Just Peer Over It

WP_20150128_14_48_07_ProSamsung has been feeling the heat lately. Not that the Galaxy brand is any less prominent, but competition is getting more and more composed. The operating systems used stay mostly the same, but the materials and capabilities of competing devices continue to change.

Seemingly, in an attempt to create something out of the ordinary, Samsung Mobile released the Note Edge — a version of the fantastic Note 4 tablet, but with an edged right side of screen. Hopefully as a device, it’s well-rounded (awful pun intended).

Samsung’s NX1 Smart Camera Combines Speed And Lens To Make A Good Show

samsaung-nx1-smartSamsung’s latest Micro Four Thirds endeavor is to appeal to those who just won’t give up their DSLR cameras: specifically because the older platform is more developed and overall, can have better image quality for less, but trades in portability, weight, and sometimes even style.

So, to remedy that, the NX1 Smart Camera has been born: for $1,499 (body-only), users get a high-end (1kg in weight) 50-150mm f/2.8 lens ($1,599 by itself), with a 28 megapixel BSI (back-side illuminated sensor), a new 205-point autofocus system, a 15fps continuous shooting mode, and 4K video recording at 30FPS or Ultra HD at 24fps. Covering 90 percent of the frame, the phase-detect autofocus also works when shooting video, so you’ll have steady and smooth shots.

The “smart” aspect of the NX1 includes the NFC, WiFi, and Bluetooth connectivity which allows it to share data between your phone or tablet. Oh, and it launches in mid-October. Then we’ll know if it’s truly worth considering.

The New Samsung Galaxy Note Edge: Apps Living On The Edge

3732162_Samsung Galaxy Note Edge_black-angleBad, corny title, I know. Interesting smartphone? Yes.

The Galaxy Note Edge is every bit one and the same as the Galaxy Note 4 in terms of specs internally and availability with America’s four nationwide carriers, but what makes it stand out from just about every device out there is a curved display on the right side, where you can store apps to be used quickly instead of multitasking in the traditional sense.

In fact, the screen is really the only difference between the two models: the Quad HD, 2560 x 1440 display seen on the Note 4, is only slightly smaller here, at 5.6 inches rather than 5.7.

Interestingly, initial reports state that the ergonomic factor isn’t terrible, in fact because of the slightly chip or curvature, the Note Edge becomes a friend of angles that a smartphone would normally find itself in your hand — unless you have very small hands, of course.

Metal trim and attention to small details as well as the traditional pen that hides inside of the Note rounds off the rest of the package.

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4: Best Phablet, Take Four

2528668_Samsung Note 4_black_v_front

First of all, the Galaxy Note 4 adopts an actual metal trim around the sides, so an aesthetic boost has occurred. Secondly, that screen: the world’s first QHD Super AMOLED; a 5.7-inch, 2560 x 1440 (515 ppi) touchscreen of untold power and glory. For imaging, a front-facing 3.7 megapixel and a back-end 16 megapixel make it so that you can get decent (and maybe great?) shots from both sides. Plus, support for the Oculus Gear VR attachment!

Processing, you ask? A 2.7 GHz processor, which is most likely the Snapdragon 805 (Samsung isn’t exactly saying which) in a quad-core setup. AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, and U.S. Cellular will be carrying the Note 4 in the United States, come later this year.

Prices have yet to be announced. The phone will come in white and black in the U.S. with 32GB of onboard storage (expandable to 64GB) and 3GB of RAM.

Sounds good, it really does.