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LG V10 Review: When Bigger Isn’t Always Better

20151122_111104Reviewing the G4 meant that I would come to terms with LG’s less premium design in favor of a more complete Android experience. The aftermath of which resulted in a continuous war between the G4 and the Galaxy S6 — both are excellent devices and tied in many aspects, however LG gets away with expandable storage and a removeable battery.

This begs the question: what if LG made a G4 with better materials? Say, stainless steel and a textured polycarbonate? Well, that’s what the V10 is, and it includes a second screen for notifications, along with some new tricks overall.

But I’ll cut to the chase: it’s rather too big for most.

B&O BeoPlay H8 Headphones Review: The Quintessential On-Ears

20151120_114848I’ve reviewed dozens of headphones — usually of the expensive variety — and they all get certain aspects of what being a good pair of headphones are wrong.

Some are too big for daily commutes (but sound great), others look amazing but lack richness, then there are others that come close to being perfect but suffer from glitches — and then those that don’t but are too big. Also, the last pair of on-ears I reviewed left me unimpressed.

So, it would seem that I’m looking for commute-friendly, noise-cancelling pair of headphones, that also have Bluetooth capabilities and exude good design.

Thus, I thought it was worth my time to see what the Denmark-based audiophiles at Bang & Olufsen had to offer with the BeoPlay H8; headphones that fit those exact specific qualities I listed earlier.

Samsung Galaxy View Review: Unusual Concept, Some Good Merits

20151115_131350It isn’t unusual for Samsung to experiment with new concepts in the mobile device field. The very successful Note is a good example of this, and the Edge and Edge+ are both further examples of the big S’s desire to try new and different things on the public market. But this? This is an entirely different category than curved screens and big phones with smart styluses.

This is the Galaxy View, and it’s an 18.4-inch tablet with a carry handle, AT&T 4G LTE connectivity and a dedicated Direct TV hub for watching — you guessed it — real, live TV.

Call of Duty: Black Ops III Review — To Have Fun With Technological Doom

iiiNow that it’s Treyarch’s first run at the three-year cycle between producing Call of Duty games, it was inevitable that Black Ops III should be produced and released. It’s been more than a week after release, and I’ve been playing it ever since then (thanks Step3 for that press code).

So, what do I have to report?

Let’s face it: recently Call of Duty games have not only been repetitive, but in many cases boring or lacked compelling gameplay mechanics. Has Treyarch brought back the franchise, and if so, how? Well, it turns out they have, and from my perspective, here’s are a few points that have been made to make a better CoD.

HTC One A9 Review: Being Pretty Isn’t Enough


If HTC sustains itself past its current state — quarterly losses at every turn and a lack of compelling sales numbers —  then the One A9 will be but a blip on the radar. But, if that isn’t the case, then the A9 will represent one of the last attempts by HTC to regain relevancy, and a very desperate one at that.

It doesn’t take a mechanical engineer or a designer to make the obvious connection that the One A9 is a spitting image representation of a very popular smartphone designed in Cupertino, California. But, no matter: let’s try to look at the A9 as objectively as possible.

Helly Hansen Stockholm Boot Review: A Well-Rounded All-Rounder

P1000120Sometimes one can find the perfect hybrid of two elements in a shoe, but one that I often find to be amiss is the construction of a warm, comfortable boot with the adaptability of a sneaker, cool enough to skateboard in (I’m looking at you, Casey Neistat).

The Helly Hansen Stockholm boot seen from renders online looked like an interesting experience, so my friends at HH hooked me up with a pair to check out and see for myself.

Winter Glider Gloves Review: When 40°F Weather Means Nothing To You

P1000105The incoming winter in NYC is going to bring a dilemma — frozen fingertips due to smartphone usage. Well, touchscreen gloves have been around for years, but most of the time they’re thin, ineffective at keeping your hands protected from the cold; truly the bane of 21st century winter accessories.

So, I wanted to find gloves that merged touchscreen compatibility with the true job of a winter glove — keeping your hands warm.

Brooklinen Luxe Sheet Review: Yes, I Do Sleep In College (Sometimes)

P1000096Actually, I do — in all seriousness there is a time between 12AM and 7:30AM that I find to sleep on most days. Personally, I have no qualms with my reduced sleep schedule, maybe because at the ripe age of 19 the concept that is life and staying up late hasn’t hit me at its hardest yet. But, I do have to say that the right gear in college does make it easier to fall asleep and stay asleep.

In this case, it’s a sheet set from Brooklinen — my second time looking at such a thing from the Brooklyn-based bedding company.