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Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ Review: A Pretty Face Is Worth A Lot

DSCF0056During the past year or so, I’ve had the privilege to play with dozens of smartphones, free of any commitment except my own thoughts and opinions — thanks, Samsung and friends. Some of these devices (as of this review) include the entirety of the Samsung Galaxy 2015 line: the S6, the Edge, the Note 5 and now, the Edge+.

If I had to rank the 2015 devices in terms of best to worst, it would as follows: Note 5, S6, Edge+ and the regular Edge.

All of them are epic representations of the categories they seek to fulfill: the S6 for a flagship, the Note 5 for a productivity device, and both Edge devices work well as testaments to beauty and generally just showing off.

So, then why is the Edge+ my favorite of the four — and the only one that I would really consider putting my own earnings into, if need be?

Mujjo Leather Crochet Gloves Review: On Point Style, But Not Touch

20160116_133700These are Mujjo leather touchscreen gloves. With a top layer in crochet and the palm, fingers and thumb all in genuine Moroccan leather, these gloves immediately establish themselves as a luxury product — to which I say, that is correct.

So, Mujjo’s luxury glove offering is also touchscreen-enabled, meaning that it could become my best friend when out and adventuring in New York City. Except, that isn’t entirely the case; these gloves are on point, but are slightly out of touch. 

HP Envy 13 Review: A Good Opening Act

20160112_143227For more than two years now I’ve sworn by my 13-inch Macbook Air — clad in decals from my favorite companies. Although the Air is hilariously under-powered in this day and age, numerous OS X updates have kept the Air running like the venerable piece of machinery it was when I first bought it — as is often the case with a well-kept Apple product.

But, it was high time for a change, and also a chance to see if I could carry my custom desktop experience of Windows 10 to a laptop, with similar satisfaction of speed and function.

And so, the kind folks at HP sent out an Envy 13 which arrived at my dorm mid-semester. Here is my experience, cataloged in review.

Bellroy High Line Wallet Review: To Be Carried

20151216_144604After using the HuMn wallet for a few years — for those of you unfamiliar, it’s basically an elastic brand around two plates of carbon fiber — I got tired of the aesthetic.

While I don’t carry many cards with me, something of value that carried my things of value felt like it would be of some — value.

Thus, I employed the help of Bellroy to see if the High Line, an everyday minimal, jetsetter wallet could fulfill my carrying needs.

Google Pixel C Review: With Uncertainty Comes A (Great) Tablet

20151206_164926This is it: Google’s try at a top-tier, no holds-barred Android tablet — the Pixel C.

Mind you, this is simply not a Nexus device, but falls under the Pixel brand: hardware built by Google and not out-sourced to a name-brand tech manufacturer. Thankfully I’ve had a few days to work and play with the Pixel C to see what the fuss was about.

But, most importantly, my work with it was to find it worthy of the price tag and in fact, its mere existence.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Review: Utterly Satisfactory

20151205_150017If Samsung had to call in the cavalry to a smartphone contest, they’d probably call the Note 5 — in fact, they do.

It’s a behemoth smartphone; everything here is “big or go home”. Although I’m dying to write about innuendoes here, this is not the place nor time — this is the Galaxy Note 5 review, and it’s all about what it is like to live and play with Samsung’s ship-of-the-line.

Muji Aroma Diffuser Review: A Story Of Being Enamored With Scents


While I try to flesh out more lifestyle-related content — that of course — compliments the obvious technology angle of this site, I thought to myself: can’t my dorm (and workspace) smell better? Throwing $30 on a reed diffuser from a name-brand home and kitchen store at the shops at Columbus Circle didn’t prove itself fruitful, so I thought a little journey would ensue (e.g. to find a great diffuser).

After walking through Chinatown and into SoHo with my muse and my greatest friend, I came across the Muji SoHo location. It was always on my list of places to go, but what I found inside made the experience — dare I say: a scent sweeter.

Handgrey Carabiner & Keyring Review: Titanium Everyday Carry

20151203_132359Being an admirer of beautiful things, especially those that appeal to me emotionally. In the case of two everyday carry objects: a carabiner and a keyring, the emotional attachment is hidden.

By having a keyring, you avoid frustration and anxiety (losing your keys) and with a carabiner, you can ensure that whatever else that can’t be secured by a keyring, can be. In that sense, both the H3 carabiner and the Knox keyring are about safety, of things you need with you, everyday.

Now you’re asking: where is the beauty here? They’re both made of electrically-cut titanium.