The New Moto 360 Is Inbound With Sport, Men’s And Women’s Versions

20150901_135726Not one, not two, but three truly distinct versions of the Moto 360 wearable using the latest version of Android Wear. The new Moto 360 is divided into three categories: male, female and sport.

The men’s version consists of 46mm and 42mm sized watches, while the women’s by default consists of a single 42mm model. Both versions include leather and steel band options — the bands of which can also be swapped out for official Moto bands or 3rd-party ones. It’s also worth noting that the women’s version has access to a dual-band version, which is like two interlocking bracelets, one housing the watch.

Specs-wise, the Moto 360 is as follows: 4GB storage, 512MB RAM, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 1.2GHz dual-core processor, Bluetooth 4.0 + LE, WiFi, dual-mics and Gorilla Glass 3 for the display. Also: support for Android (of course) and now, iOS.

Pre-orders start September 2. starting at $299, going up to $429, depending on the Moto Maker colors, watch size and bands. Moto 360 Sport availability will be announced next month. Meanwhile, the 42mm and 46mm versions will begin shipping out in late-September., Google Play, Nordstrom, BestBuy & Verizon will all take part in sales of the wearable.

Samsung Gear S2 Is An Interesting Smartwatch, If Nothing Else

gears2Absent of any “Galaxy” branding for good reason — it uses Samsung’s Tizen, not Google’s Android Wear — the Samsung Gear S2 is right up there when it comes to simple and attractive smartwatches. With a screen that measures 1.2-inches across at 360 x 360 resolution, however it is 11.4mm, which is thicker than most smartphones, Samsung’s included (essentially, this isn’t a wafer). Multiple versions exist: the Classic, with black leather and chassis, the stock Gear S2 pictured here, and a thicker version with a 3G eSIM that can make and receive calls.

All models sport a 1GHz dual-core processor with an NFC radio, so you’ve got something that can take advantage of Samsung Pay — it’s a venerable little thing, if nothing else. Right? Probably. Maybe.

No word on costs, but both Verizon and T-Mobile will carrry and sell the wearable in the near future.

The Smallest GoPro Ever Announced: The Hero4 Session

gopro-sessionSmaller and lighter than any other GoPro before it. The Hero4 Session is the answer to a question that many action capture enthusiasts have been looking for: size reduction. To keep footprint small, the Hero4 Session drops the LCD, instead opting for a simple one-button control scheme to start recording — connecting to the GoPro app allows for more robust controls.

Other physical features include compatibility with existing GoPro mounts, waterproofing down to 33 feet without need for separate housing, and the ability to record in 1080p60, 720p100, or 1440p30 video. GoPro will start selling their latest gadget online for $400.

Via: GoPro

Intel Buys Recon, The Company That Started “Glass For Fitness”

Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 12.49.11 PMWhat a fun turn of events!

Recon Instruments, the Canadian tech company renowned for the development of the unreleased “Google Glass for fitness” was just bought out by Intel. If any of you were keeping up with me on the company’s exploits like I was with their PR agents, then you’d know that Intel injected some cash into the project in 2013 — but now reports indicate that INtel bought the company for “around $175 million”.

From here on out, Recon has the money, hardware and expertise of one of the most important companies in tech. Intel meanwhile, has the opportunity to partake in a very interesting (in progress) eyewear wearable war.

ViaRecon Instruments, Intel

LG Spruces Up The G Watch R To “Urbane” Luxury Status

urbaneLG isn’t replacing its G Watch R, one of the best looking smartwatches out there, and the only circular smartwatch out that gives the Moto 360 a run for its money. Instead, it’s adding a luxury edition of the watch, called the G Watch R Urbane, complete with all-metal, swappable leather strap, and gold or silver finishes. Pricing and release date are as of yet, unreleased.

But, there’s no doubt that it looks great.

Via: LG Newsroom

Harman Kardon SoHo Wireless Headphones Review: Are They So Ho(t)?

20150124_222025Luxury audio provider harman/kardon is famous for its hardware. From cars, to laptops, phones, theater, and of course home speakers and headphones, their tech and style is recognizable from a distance — and is very tasteful. For 2015, a new pair of on-ear headphones is coming from the American audio company: the SoHo Wireless.

Basically, they’re lightweight on-ear headphones, with NFC, Bluetooth 4.0 and aptX tech, with the capability to run wired as well. It’s a solid connectivity mix with a winning brand, but is it worth it? I jammed with the SoHos, in some SoHo cafes, and I’ll tell you.

Windows Holographic: Using The HoloLens Headset, The World Becomes PC’d

MSHoloLens_MixedWorld_LivingRoom_LongBrowser_RGBThis is Windows Holographic, thanks to the HoloLens Headset. Microsoft has huge ambitions here, because the augmentation of the real-world with apps, games, and the ability to interact with them seamlessly is something that’s only been dreamed of, but never accomplished fully. Since the actual use-case scenarios of the tech are difficult to understand, Microsoft presented a video those attending the media event and to those wonder just what the heck Windows Holographic might be like.

If this actually works, however, computing will never be the same. Video after the break.