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The DJI Phantom 4 Drone: Hello, Autonomous Control

phantom-4Another day, another DJI drone — maybe even one that famed YouTuber and creator Casey Neistat can control?

The Phantom 4 is the latest and greatest attempt at there being a consumer/pro level drone that has fully autonomous abilities. Two new cameras on the front, two on the bottom, two belly-mounted Ultrasonic sensors, with the main camera — this setup allows for the building of a 3D world in which the drone can recognize and avoid obstacles, including people.

Better yet, there are automation abilities, including sending the Phantom 4 towards areas seen in the distance, or an ActiveTrack system that allows the Phantom 4 to lock-onto a subject and follow them, getting smooth footage along the way. To top it all off, it lasts 28 minutes on a single charge, tops out at 45 mph, shoots stabilized 4K video.

Price? $1,400. But it most likely will be worth every penny and Benjamin.

Via: DJI

TAG Heur’s $1,500 Android Wear Watch Is Connected

tagheuerIn fact, that is the name of the smart watch announced just today by TAG Heur: the Connected. A $1,500 smart accessory, a properitiy warranty exists where once you purchase the Connected, you become eligible to switch to mechanical piece in two years. Besides being built brilliantly, the Connected is of course, very exclusive: custom watch faces designed by TAG, along with two special versions purportedly designed in-part by Tom Brady and Leonardo DiCaprio.

Built of titanium, the connected is bigger than a Huawei watch or the current king of the Android Wear platform, the Moto 360 — at 46.2mm wide and 12.8mm thick — but the choice of materials should keep it fairly wearable and comfortable.

TAG went so far as to even ditch the Qualcomm processors used in nearly all Android Wear watches, and instead partner with Intel for a 1.6Ghz dual-core processor. Other specs worth noting include the 410mAh battery and the 360×360 (240 ppi) 1.5″ screen.

Via: TAG Heur

Want LTE In A Smartwatch? The New LG Watch Urbane Can Fulfill That Wish


In order to fit more tech into the body, along with LTE and GPS, the second-generation LG Urbane had to sacrifice swappable wrist bands, by building some of the tech into the band itself. Once you look past that however, the incremental improvements to the LG Watch Urbane (the original of which was just released this Spring) are notable.

A 1.38-inch 480×480 res P-OLED display is your window into a world of cellular data and phone calls independent of a smartphone, a 570mAh battery that LG says lasts an entire day, and finally, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor that keeps the show moving on Android Wear.

However, there is one gripe I do have with the spec list: the watch is 14mm thick — it’s like wearing a stack of cards, or you know, a very thick watch.

A launch is pegged for South Korea and the US in the coming weeks; pricing is TBA.

The New Google Chromecast 2: Still $35, But It Does A Lot More (And Better)

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 1.35.04 PMBesides refreshing the Nexus line, Google as also dropped a new Chromecast on the world. The Chromecast 2 comes in different colors, still costs $35, and quite literally makes any TV or monitor into a smart TV. However, there have been some crucial changes this year, starting with the design: it’s more circular, but also a little wider.

Software! Let’s talk about it: Fast Play is a new Chromecast solution to playing content faster on-screen. by preloading content as soon you begin the media player app, along with a redesign app (iOS and Android) that is sleeker than before and offers relevant updates and content.

Also: Chromecast audio is a physical solution to adding 3.5mm audio to your Chromecast, so that now a decent home theater setup is possible — it’s the little things that make an iteration count.

Colors available starting today include lemonade, coral and black, in 17 countries, priced at $35 when you buy it from the Google Store, Best Buy or Wal-Mart. Also new partners for the Chromecast 2 have come onboard: Spotify, Google Photos, BBC iPlayer Radio, Showtime, NBA and MLS.

Via: Google Store

Oculus Will Add VR Support For Netlfix, Twitch, Hulu And More


Welcome to a world of VR that is (or will be) more consumer-friendly.

Oculus is working with some of the top apps of this generation, including Twitch, Hulu and Netflix — the latter launching today — to bring virtual reality versions of the services to the Oculus Rift platform. Facebook, Lionsgate, Fox and even TiVo support are all in the works, as well.

Also announced on the side, but still of importance: Minecraft for VR and a Samsung Gear VR headset that works with all 2015 Samsung phones for $99. Indeed, the virtual reality onslaught is ramping up for 2016.

Via: Oculus

Pebble Time Round: The 7.5mm Thin Smartwatch Meant To Be Practical

pebble-time-roundThis time around, Pebble is keen to bring a practical rounded smartwatch to market. Compatible with iOS and Android, the Pebble Time Round is a $250 smartwatch in a 7.5mm, marine-grade stainless steel case, with black, silver, or rose gold colorways. The practicality comes from its battery life: it can (purportedly) receive enough charge to last 24 hours in 15 minutes, with a full battery life of two days. Those stats translate to its ability to track your sleep cycle and physical activity.

In fact, it might be one of the most practical smartwatches announced to-date. It’ll be time to see if that stays true when it ships later this Fall.

Via: Pebble 

The New Moto 360 Is Inbound With Sport, Men’s And Women’s Versions

20150901_135726Not one, not two, but three truly distinct versions of the Moto 360 wearable using the latest version of Android Wear. The new Moto 360 is divided into three categories: male, female and sport.

The men’s version consists of 46mm and 42mm sized watches, while the women’s by default consists of a single 42mm model. Both versions include leather and steel band options — the bands of which can also be swapped out for official Moto bands or 3rd-party ones. It’s also worth noting that the women’s version has access to a dual-band version, which is like two interlocking bracelets, one housing the watch.

Specs-wise, the Moto 360 is as follows: 4GB storage, 512MB RAM, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 1.2GHz dual-core processor, Bluetooth 4.0 + LE, WiFi, dual-mics and Gorilla Glass 3 for the display. Also: support for Android (of course) and now, iOS.

Pre-orders start September 2. starting at $299, going up to $429, depending on the Moto Maker colors, watch size and bands. Moto 360 Sport availability will be announced next month. Meanwhile, the 42mm and 46mm versions will begin shipping out in late-September., Google Play, Nordstrom, BestBuy & Verizon will all take part in sales of the wearable.

Samsung Gear S2 Is An Interesting Smartwatch, If Nothing Else

gears2Absent of any “Galaxy” branding for good reason — it uses Samsung’s Tizen, not Google’s Android Wear — the Samsung Gear S2 is right up there when it comes to simple and attractive smartwatches. With a screen that measures 1.2-inches across at 360 x 360 resolution, however it is 11.4mm, which is thicker than most smartphones, Samsung’s included (essentially, this isn’t a wafer). Multiple versions exist: the Classic, with black leather and chassis, the stock Gear S2 pictured here, and a thicker version with a 3G eSIM that can make and receive calls.

All models sport a 1GHz dual-core processor with an NFC radio, so you’ve got something that can take advantage of Samsung Pay — it’s a venerable little thing, if nothing else. Right? Probably. Maybe.

No word on costs, but both Verizon and T-Mobile will carrry and sell the wearable in the near future.