So, The New Nexus 7 Just Keeps On Getting Leaked

nex7-leakedFrom the mere existence of a new Nexus 7 tablet, to its use of Android 4.3, dual-cameras, and a redesigned body. Now here comes the newly introduced intel that it will go on sale at Staples (besides the Google Play Store, of course) on July 31st. Some of the parts that aim to make the Nexus 7 another best-selling tablet is the inclusion of a 1.2MP up front and 5MP backward-facing camera, along with a Slim Port support for playing 1080p video on your TV, as well as wireless charging, because why not?

The screen size remains the same (7-inches) but most likely will be at a high resolution. That, and it will also be more expensive than before: $230 (16GB) and $270 (32GB).

Or we could just wait for the Google press event on the 24th, and clear all of this up — I’ll go with that idea.

Via: Giz