Sony PlayStation 4 Announced With DualShock 4 Controller: Next-Gen Gaming, But No Console Yet

DualShock 4It is official. The Sony PlayStation 4 is the newest console to be announced that is part of the next-gen platform of home console systems. As stated during the NYC press conference,”We believe that PlayStation 4 represents a shift from thinking of a box or console,” said Sony’s Andrew House. “PlayStation is the best place to play.” The PS4 using an x86 processor, a souped-up PC GPU (“2 teraflops of processing power”), 8GB of GDDR5 system memory, and local storage — essentially, it’s a PC. This whole setup becomes an APU setup; both the CPU and GPU lie on the same chip.

This is probably a good time to say that backwards-compatibility is not possible on the PS4, instead streaming of PS3 games is what will allow one to play previous-generation games. Next-gen games include Killzone: Shadow FallinFamous: Second SonKnack, Bungie’s DestinyDiablo III and Drive Club, a team-based racing game with challenges and fast production cars.

The Sony PlayStation 4 will launch in the holiday season of 2013. No exact release date or price has been announced.  And no images of the actual hardware, either.

The DualShock 4 is Sony’s new PS4 controller. It has a tighter stick and D-pad setup, a touchpad, share button and light bar — which identifies which player you are in a multiplayer session, so each PS4 also includes a 3D camera to track different controllers using the light bar. This adds convenience, like how games can be played as they’re downloaded, even when the console is in sleep mode, which is assisted by a separate network card and Gaikai technologies. Or the seamless uploads of gameplay that you can record on the system, with auto-compression of the content, editing and uploading, all in-game. And the ease-of-use continues: you can pause a game just by hitting the power button — no more booting.

The PS4 interface has also been redesigned. Personalization and friends (with plenty of privacy options) are another prime feature of the PS4. Friends can leave messages on your screen in-game (if allowed) or have a friend take over the game from their controller to assist you, or just leave tips. Of course, remote play is possible with the PS Vita,which adds another way to play PS4 games, just on a smaller screen. Netlfix, Hulu, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other important social media services are also parts of the PlayStation 4 experience that will be impossible.