Check It Out: A PC Cooled Off, By A Wind Tunnel

wind-tunnel-computerThis is the work of a true geek: Mike at Total Geekdom,has been constructing a wind tunnel case. Built from a box fan, medium-density fiberboard, lexan and aluminum, the tunnel increases airspeed by about 240 percent and cools its contents with a brisk 9 mph breeze. At full bore, however, the fan churns out air speeds between 26 and 30 mph inside the case’s sweet spot. What’s it cooling off? A PC worthy of some gaming, with an Ivy Bridge 3770K processor, a pair of Radeon 7970 (Sapphire Dual-X) GPUs, 8GB of RAM and a 40GB SSD.

While there’s room for overclocking, it’s still humming at a speedy 4.5GHz with temperatures between 64 and 65 degrees Celsius, and can run its GPUs at 1225MHz with core temperatures at 46 and 56 degrees Celsius.

But this cool computer isn’t being used for games; instead it’s processing time has been donated to cancer research via the World Community Grid. Cool, literally.

Via: Total Geekdom