Android Dashboard Update: Jelly Bean Is Now On 10 Percent Of All Active Hardware

androidstats-january42013Still, for the two software versions that Android Jelly Bean is worth, it’s still astonishing that it’s only on 10 percent of all active hardware, considering that most of the high-end Android phones either ship or have been updated to it, as according to the active devices that accessed the Google Play store in the last 14 days. Ice Cream Sandwich devices also grew to represent 29.1 percent of active hardware, and while 2.3 Gingerbread still has the largest slice, it slid below half to 47.6 percent — so developers do have the latest API at their disposal, but they’re mostly missing out the new user interface introduced with Jelly Bean: Project Butter.

All in due time, I guess.

Via: Android Developers