Astronauts In Deep Space May Experience Accelerated Alzheimer’s

121231-space-cosmicray-420p.grid-6x2This is full of chiz. In the hopes of getting man on Mars, a study published yesterday suggests that extended exposure to specific kind of radiation found in space can accelerate the development of Alzheimer’s disease, which isn’t good for humans, obviously. The study examined that galactic cosmic radiation consisting of iron particles, which are said to permeate space at high speeds due to the force of exploding stars, are harmless to those on Earth, but in deep space only the spacecraft will stand between astronauts and the radiation.

The study’s author Kerry O’Banion says that the iron particles have no trouble punching through a ship’s hull, adding that it would require a “six-foot block of lead or concrete” — just to stop them. The study was researched for eight years, under the funding of NASA made several other tests of the same nature, but with mice. It was noted that humans could have a chance, since “the body might adapt to small chronic dosing.”

Regardless, this is another hurdle for NASA.

Via: Space