South Korea Is Getting Ready To Censor Teenager’s Phones

Rocking it on the Porsche wheels.While we rant about the fiscal cliff here in the United States, as well as WiFi on planes or the next device to debut, South Korea is using its government to allow for censorship. Ministry Of Gender Equality And Family, the censorship would come in the form of mandatory filtering software installed on teenagers’ phones designed to block “illegal [and] harmful information.” Such information includes swear words and slang—the removal of which is intended to curb cyber-bullying—as well as pornography and nudity.

Now, this may all be good and well, but last time I checked, South Korea was full of extremely tech-savvy teens, such as myself, that would immediately reverse the software which would be installed on their smartphones. So, it’s time to put your hacker hats on, and get ready to pwn some n00bz.

ViaNewsisThe Verge