Spotify adds unlimited free radio to its iOS app, gives Pandora a run for its money

From the 16 million and strong catalog of Spotify comes Spotify Radio — a free, unlimited feature as part of the $10 monthly plan — for those that don’t have a subscription, you’ll hear ads from Chevrolet and Heineken —  that subscribers with iOS devices spend on the music streaming service. You can simply pick a song, create a radio station from it, or listen to radio stations of other genres, artists, and songs. Spotify also is making use of its recommendation engine, so that a user can find radio stations that may be of interest.

That was all short-term benefit, however. What is in the long-term from this creation of Spotify Radio is a solid market foothold, that perhaps could even rival or triumph Pandora’s, because apparently, Spotify is on the move and wants it all. Via: Spotify for iOS, Spotify (blog)