The Microsoft Surface tablet is announced, built for Windows 8

This is Microsoft’s own crack at a Windows 8 tablet. Aesthetically, it  measures 9.3 mm thin, weighs 1.5lbs and is made of a liquid metal frame with PVD finish. The screen is of the ClearType full HD variety, measuring 10.6-inches with Gorilla Glass 2, has a built-in kickstand, built-in HDMI, front and rear cameras, a USB 3.0 (or 2.0, depending on model) port and a removable battery. Where things get really innovative is the 3mm thin cover, which doubles as a mutlitouch keyboard (and trackpad!) that is magnetically attached to the Surface. Along the Surface exists “perimeter venting”, so that your hands never cover the air vents. A digital ink pen integrates with the screen, allowing for some of the most accurate writing on any tablet, but also magnetizes to the body of the Surface so that it can be stored. Applause.

As for software, the Microsoft Surface tablet aims to be a productivity device, so that it also not only has the full edition of Windows 8, but Office as well. And since there will be another version of Windows 8 available, called Windows RT, there will also be Windows RT and Windows 8 Pro tablets. Oh, and Netflix has a Metro app for the Surface as well.

Microsoft Surface Design Shots

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Now, the differences between the two are actually rather apparent: the Windows RT version measures 9.3mm thin (vs. 13.5mm), has a 31.5 W-h batter (compared to 42 W-h in the Windows 8 Pro model), and comes in 32 to 64GB sizes (for the RT edition) versus the 64GB to 128GB in the Windows 8 Pro edition. It is somewhat complicated, but Microsoft has quite the interesting tablet set up here, either way.The chart created by Microsoft, seen in the source link, gives the full rundown as to what you get for each model.

As for pricing and availability: Microsoft kept everyone in the dark about it, but obviously the Windows 8 Pro edition will cost more. A great video by Microsoft teasing the Surface is after the break.

Via: Surface, RT edition vs. Windows 8 Pro edition