Google Chrome OS Sees Aura UI Update, Reminiscent Of Windows And OS X

OK, then. Stealing would be too harsh of a word, but Google Chrome OS has just seen the Aura UI update, which adds several features to the development channel (the least stable build). To be very specific, version 19.0.1048.17 adds Google’s hardware-accelerated Aura UI, window manager, desktop, overlapping windows, a Windows-style taskbar, and a Launchpad-esque app launcher. It’s almost the best of both worlds, but the sad part is that the very first Chrome OS device, the Cr-48, won’t get access to the update (at least, for now?), but rather the newer and branded Acer AC700 and Samsung Series 5 Chromebooks.

Otherwise, there a are few other incremental changes, like additional file support (tar, gz, and bzip2), updates to Chrome OS’ local audio and video player, and new modes for multiple monitor handling. Very nice.

Via: Google Chrome Releases, Aura Chromium Page, Google Operating System