Tweetdeck Is Down After Bug Opens Other User’s Accounts

This goes into a major list of bizarre bugs that the tech industry has ever seen in software. Within the hour (as of time of this writing), Tweetdeck has been taken offline due to a report originating from Australia detailed how a single user could access hundreds of other user’s account from the start of the “New Tweet” page, obviously a severe bug in the app. Via: TechCrunch, Official Tweet

TweetDeck is now back online.

As soon as we learned about the issue today, we took TweetDeck down to diagnose the situation. We discovered a bug that caused a very small number of TweetDeck users to have access to other TweetDeck users’ accounts. (The accounts that could be accessed were random; it was not possible to select specific accounts and access them.)

No one’s password was compromised, and we aren’t aware of any instances where this access was used maliciously. As a precaution, we removed account credentials associated with affected TweetDeck users; they will need to log in to authorize the TweetDeck application to access their accounts.