Nintendo 3DS Launch, Final Design, And Launch Games Are Revealed

In a press conference in Japan, Nintendo has finalized the Nintendo 3DS design, specs, launch dates across the world and games currently available for it.

Starting off, the 3DS will cost ¥25,000 in Japan ($299 converted) and will launch in February 26 of 2011, while the U.S and Europe get their models in March, for yet-to-be-disclosed prices. Each 3DS will come a charger stand, an AC adapter, a 10cm Nintendo 3DS touch pen, a 2GB SD card, six augmented reality cards as well as instruction booklets. Dimensions are 134mm by 74mm. It is 21mm thick and weighs 230 grams and has a top screen of 3.53 inches and with an liquid crystal display of 800 x 240 pixels, while the button screen is 3.02 inches with another LCD of 320 x 240 pixels.

The 3DS also will have its own built-in emulator, so it can play games from Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance systems by downloading the titles.

The design aspectis very nice; the stylus is now more shall we say, sexy, and the two colors available will be blue and black, to start. Bundled software in the 3DS are “Nintendo 3DS cameras,” “Nintendo 3DS sound,” Mii Studio,” “Chance Encounter Mii Plaza,” “AR Games” and “Book” (an eBook readers, perhaps?). The hardware also allows you to exchange data with other 3DS users (tag mode) and auto-download files via Wi-Fi in sleep mode (nice!).

At this link, you can see a video with all games currently in development, like Ocarina of Time 3D and other extremely well-known franchises.

On the Editor’s Note I’m very much liking the 3DS so far. I’ll buy one,or even get a review unit, then buy one after I’ve assured both the guys and gals reading this, and myself that the 3DS is truly awesome as Nintendo is marketing it.