Could this be the new iPhone 4? (update: it’s not, or is it?)

According to Engadget, the weblog that leaked the pics, this is a new iPhone prototype that was “found on the floor of a San Jose bar inside of an iPhone 3G case” and contained a front-facing camera (what!), 80GB of internal memory (what?), and isn’t turning on at all (sheesh!). There is some doubt in my right mind that this is a fancy mod, but there are a thousand reasons that I could come up with (okay, ten reasons) that would prove this is a preview at least of the new iPhone 4/HD/iWhatever. Besides the strange metal trim with a circular volume rocker switch, silent button, and power on, this new iPhone is a drastic design change from the 3GS. At this point, this iPhone has to be a model that’s still in the early design changes, but probably finished internally. This is no doubt Apple manufactured, but probably not Apple-final. We’ll all know for sure in June, of course. One more shot after break!

UPDATE: And it has been revealed to almost every publication that this iPhone 4G is nothing more than a Japanese mod of sorts, as I said earlier on Twitter. Thank. God. That. Wasn’t. The New. iPhone.

UPDATE 2: There’s a blog war going on right now about whether or not this is a Japanese knock -off or the real prototype. All I can say for now is that I’ll be laying low on this one, much like Noah from Phonedog.

Via: Engadget