AT&T stops employee vacation plans for June, probably for iPhone launch

Another iPhone, another press conference, another year of Steve Jobs. This time we’re waiting for the iPhone 4, which will bring in multitasking from the new iPhone OS 4.0. Recently, Steve Job and Co. have reserved their usual spot for announcing new iPhones, and AT&T has just cancelled any plans you had to go on vacation in June, because, year after year, it’s for the iPhone launch.

The good word comes from the anonymous, mysterious, and sometimes strange Boy Genius. To refresh everyone’s memory, the first iPhone was announced in January, then shipped in June; iPhone 3G was announced in June and shipped in July, and the 3GS was announced in June, then was shipped in the same month. Now betting that the iPhone 4 will be announced on June 22th, does anyone have any clues when it will arrive on the shelves?