iPhone 4 Aluminum Unibody Casing Spotted?

iClarified has posted several images from an anonymous tipster, claiming that the unibody aluminum back casing is for the upcoming iPhone, due in June. First and foremost, there are some doubts here: One, it’s all metal. With the already god-awful iPhone AT&T reception (insert joke here), an all metal casing would only make it worse, unless Apple has figured out how to bypass this flaw, as with the iPad, where the antenna is concealed beneath the Apple logo, except even the iPad has wireless issues of its own. Two, the text and logo are ever-so-slightly in the wrong places. But hey, at least Mr. BlurryCam can keep us busy, right? If the EVO 4G, Nexus One, and Droid Incredible have new forms of design, than the iPhone has to shake! Btw, does this remind you of a certain unibody Legend? More photos after the cut.

Via: PhoneDog, iClarified